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A bookshelf can turn out quite bland-looking if not designed with a proper look, environment or amenities. Reading around a bookshelf can be a soothing and relaxing experience if designed with proper care and added luxuries.

One such luxury could be a speakers system for a bookshelf. Listening to soft and slow music while reading can help you relax your nerves and make your experience a more pleasant one. Others go for bookshelf speakers because they blend in with the room and go largely unnoticed.

You will definitely enjoy listening to your favorite tunes through such beautifully designed speakers, some of which provides woofers for wide dispersion, and tweeters for amazing sound that keeps you ecstatic. Such speakers will revive your appreciation for your own music collection. In this article, we review the best bookshelf speakers you can find for under $500.

It is important to have the know-how of the technical features that are found in bookshelf speakers. By having a clear and thorough understanding of this, it will be quite easy to for you to ensure that you are going to end up opting and buying a model that is suitable as per your environment. Here is the list of characteristics that one should look for when shopping for the shelf speakers:

Features to Look for in the Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500

Speaker drivers and cone: As you start your quest for the best bookshelf speakers in the market, one of the main features that must be given preference would be the cones or drivers. They are the most critical component that makes sure that the bookshelf speakers will deliver the terrific quality as they are responsible for the generation of sound waves from electrical energy. As far as the case of bookshelf drivers is concerned, two drivers are expected: woofer and tweeter. The high end sound requirements are handled by the tweeter and can be up to 20 KHz. On the contrary, the bass end is handled by the woofer which is usually from 40 to 100 Hz. There also exists 3 way drivers which combines drivers of midrange to handle midrange frequencies. For the speakers with full range, the high, mid and low sounds are sourced from a single driver.

Frequency Range: The frequency response basically implies the range of the sound that the speaker is capable enough to produce. The better option would be that is capable to produce extreme highs and lows that sounds to be natural. If you are looking the best models in the product category, your focus should be on accurate bass. On the contrary, if you are having your eyes at more affordable models, then extended high frequency response should be your first priority. The right choice in this case is a speaker with balanced frequencies. Most of the bookshelf speakers range from 45 to 20 KHz.

Impedance: Usually the bookshelf speakers have the range of 8 ohms while the other general speakers have the range of 16, 6 or 4 ohms. Talking at the very basic level, the impedance implies the electrical resistant encounter that comes across the speaker driver. It is quite critical to know the impedance of the speakers that you can easily match with the level of amplifier so that you hear the crystal clear sound instead of distorted one.

Sensitivity: Like it was in the case of impedance, it is critical to carefully observe the voltage sensitivity to find for the speakers the right amplifiers. This will indicate the loudness of the output within the specified range. The normal expression for voltage sensitivity is X dB per X V input. For bookshelf speakers, 86 dB will be enough since it can work well with small amplifiers.

Power Handling: The power handling is measured in watts and will provide you the information about the power that can be safely handled by the speakers. The main thing is to do is you need to check the throughput of the amplifier to know that what can turn out to be the most probable right choice.

The avid readers might prefer the set of bookshelf speaker system as they love to hear the soothing tunes playing be their side while they are drowning deep own in the sea of fantasy, history or solving complex physics, mathematics problems or studying the cultures of different civilizations. This soft touch of music will keep their mind more fresh and focused.

1. SVS Prime Review

The SVS speakers are usually very pricey because of the quality factor that they provide but the SVS Prime Bookshelf Speakers tries to fill up the gap between the quality and affordability. The amazing styling and high end finishes provides a premium look to the eyes that catches the attention and inspires before even hitting the power button.

In a setting of 2 channel, the SVS prime bookshelf speakers delivers full and rich stand alone experience with a woofer of 6.25 inch for articulate and deep bass and aluminum dome tweeter of 1 inch for unrivaled highs and air presentation. The true audiophiles will rejoice at the soundstage, amazing imaging and fidelity delivered by the SVS Prime Bookshelf Speakers. The SVS Prime Bookshelf Speakers are of modest size and don’t have the heft of expensive monitors.

You can easily place them on stands, on a countertop or in a bookshelf without having any issue. They are not an eye sore. And at the same instance they don’t feel or look cheap at all. Thus, this is a good choice to go for. You will not regret your decision of spending your money on it.

2. Klipsch RP-150M Review

The renowned brand of Klipsch has been quite busy in enhancing and refining its design to capture customers eye and attention along with providing them with the best of quality, creating the speakers that blow the doors off of the expectations of its customers. Horn technology is one of its most amazing features that makes it outshine the others.

Speaker cabinet with flared openings direct sound waves towards your listening area whether it be your living or studying room and make them stop from dispersing out in all directions. The design of the Klipsch RP-150M Reference Premiere Monitor Speaker reduces reflection of sound that can boost the quality of sound. The important features of it includes:

  • Contemporary aesthetic providing absolute durability that can provide seamless integration into any decor.
  • The construction with compressed molded rubber adds high frequency damping to improve details and reduce harshness of sound.
  • A linear Travel Suspension reduces disturbance and distortion for detailed and improved performance.
  • Tractix geometry allows for the efficient performance of the speakers.

3. Wharfedale – Denton 80th Anniversary Review

There are not many audio brands that have been here in the market for quite long enough to celebrate their 80th anniversary in the business. But the well known Whaferdale has and it has presented that milestone with its most efficient product that is Wharfedale – Denton Bookshelf Speakers.

The Wharfedale – Denton Bookshelf Speakers are retro in touch and that is due to the tungsten colored grille, recessed front baffle and vintage looking mahogany veneer. The bass driver of Wharfedale – Denton Bookshelf Speakers utilizes a woven kevlar cone and the cabinet has a wooden construction to control resonance. The sound it produces is high and clear. The high frequencies are well handled by a soft dome of woven textile engineered specially for detailed and smooth HF extension.

These driver units are incorporated with the highly researched crossover that is nearly inaudible to the listener yielding a seamless and coherent production of sound that is both natural and thrilling in its rendition. The Wharfedale has incorporated its old features like rich, warm and natural sounding quality with its new features like detailed, clear and open performance to make Wharfedale – Denton 80th Anniversary Bookshelf Speakers some of the better ones.

4. Atlantic Technology 44-DA-P-GLB Review

The Atlantic Technology 44-DA-P-GLB Dolby Atmos-Enabled Speakers is the next big step in delivering truly amazing and unbelievable experience of sonic theater in the home. It has added an amazing degree of realism to tunes and sound tracks. Unlike other regular channel based sound, Dolby features object based sound that provides phenomenal 3 dimensional sound. Like Johnny Depp says, “Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”

The Atlantic Technology 44-DA-P-GLB Dolby Atmos-Enabled Speakers utilizes a woofer of around 5.25 inch and a silk dome tweeter of 1 inch in a CDA, to achieve the optimum effect. It is designed to be stand alone advanced speakers in a Dolby Atmos system. It is being sell out in pairs either Gloss black finish or satin black. It sits perfectly on the top of Atlantic technology that features THX-certified 4400LR Front Channel Speakers. Moreover, Atlantic has also claimed that it can be used with any speaker of different brands not only just Atlantic’s.

So if you own an old set of speakers from some other brand such as Polk’s or Klipsch’s and you wish to enjoy the thrilling 3d Dolby Atmos sound then integrates those with this and you are good to go.

5. Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Bookshelf Speakers Review

While having its grille on, you might take Cambridge – Aero 2 Bookshelves speaker system as a regular one. But once you get to listen to its room filling bass and smooth, potent, spacious highs, you will feel that something is going on.

It’s not the woofer of around 6 inch this time that does the magic, but it is what lies above the woofer. The conventional tweeter has been replaced by a radical BMR driver that provides the Aero 2 with the edge of sonic sound. The BMR or Balanced Mode Radiator covers a much broad frequency range than regular drivers. The Cambridge – Aero 2 Bookshelves speakers crossover point occurs at 250 Hz providing you with more natural and clearer sound. The general highlights of product includes:

  • Sensitivity level of 89 dB.
  • Impedance of 8 ohms.
  • Frequency response ranging from 40 to 22 kHz.
  • Rigid MDF cabinets.
  • Each speaker of weight 15 pounds.
  • warranty of 5 years.
  • Gold plated binding post speaker terminals.
  • Bass reflex enclosure.
  • Balanced mode radiator drivers with full range.

This is one good pair of speakers providing you with some of the best results.

6. JBL L820 Review

If you are searching for bookshelf speakers then this speaker must top your list for trial. The JBL L820 is a 4-Way,High Performance, Wall-Mountable Bookshelf Loudspeaker. The mylar and pure titanium transducers assures crystal clear highs whereas the PolyPlas drivers ensure accurate and tight bass.

The JBL L820 lets you appreciate the beauty of sound as well as saying that “Music is a piece of art that goes in straight to the ears”. Hear the sound of great quality with JBL L820 while listening to your favorite songs in playlist or watching your all time favorite movie. This speaker can be placed anywhere whether it be a bookshelf or near your plasma mounted on a wall. The significant features of it includes:

  • Gold plated, 5 way bi-wirable binding post.
  • Aluminum waveguides improved dispersion and a larger listening sweet spot.
  • Pure titanium dome tweeter of 1 inch for exceptional performance with high frequency.
  • Mylar dome, cast frame chassis adjusted in a bi-radical horn for improved and better high frequency response.
  • Hardware for wall mounting is provided with the product.

7. Polk Audio TSi100 Bookshelf Speaker Review

The Chorus 706 V2 Bookshelf Speakers comes with light walnut finish and has high gloss black finish on the curved side panels with the front baffle covered with a textured black leather material. The impression of these Chorus 706 V2 Bookshelf Speakers is overall classy and sophisticated.

The cabinets are well put together and rigid. The most significant features of Focal’s Chorus 706 V2 Bookshelf Speakers are an inverted dome tweeter and magnesium and aluminum combination delivering frequency response up to 200 KHz. Music from these speakers creates a fresh ambience that is pleasant and upbeat, all in the same instance.

No music is dull or no sound is monotonous with the Chorus 706. The mid range is full of life and the bass is controlled to create a dense, precise sound image worthy of a concert hall. The key features of Chorus 706 V2 Bookshelf Speakers includes:

  • Exceptional manufacturing quality and audio in this price range.
  • Speakers developed, designed and manufactured by focusing on each and every detail.
  • Bass reflex cabinet.
  • High quality optimum phase crossover network for a natural, precise and stable image and soundstage.
  • It reduces vibration and unwanted resonance.

8. MartinLogan Motion 15 Review

Inspired by MartinLogan’s advanced and high end technology, the Motion series was designed to produce amazingly stunning sound for your ultimate performance stereo or home theater system. The engineers of MartinLogan’s carefully designed the MartinLogan Motion 15 Gloss Black Bookshelf Loudspeaker to provide an extremely sophisticated and affordable product line that flawlessly combines the Folded Motion Transducers with very compact and powerful bass technology.

The result is a smooth, clear and refined sound with jaw dropping clarity and amazing dynamic range. The MartinLogan Motion 15 Gloss Black Bookshelf Loudspeaker integrates cone woofers of black aluminum, bass ports, rear firing and low turbulence. The speakers features driver of 5.25 inch paired with an advanced Folded Motion tweeter. It also includes a woofer of 6.5 inch for bass with greater depth paired with larger Folded Motion XT tweeter. The MartinLogan Motion 15 Gloss Black Bookshelf Loudspeaker creates precise, clear and highly dynamic sound. The main features of its includes:

  • Crystal clear folded motion tweeter.
  • Surprising bass in compact cabinet.
  • Impeccable and amazing aesthetics.
  • The high gloss finish is flawless.
  • Has a port for increased bass.

9. JBL Studio 230 Review

For those who are looking for powerful music and purest embodiment of sound and want flexible placement of the speaker then JBL Studio 230 6.5-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker is the choice to opt for. As one of the groundbreaking 10 piece loudspeaker series, the JBL Studio 230 6.5-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker takes you in to a world where modern technology and sound craft go side by side in creating a music listening experience like never before.

The JBL Studio 230 6.5-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker’s PolyPlas driver of 6.5 inch is crafted to provide you pitch perfect clarity of vocal and tight bass as accurate as you are sitting in cinema. In addition to that, there is a built-in HDI web guide design and a CMMD Lite of 1 inch driver having high frequency. Integrate these features with an urbane and sleek– both outside and inside– design of the speaker itself and you are dealing with a unique breed of sonic brainpower horsepower to create its own era. A smaller footprint lets you place your speakers in more places conveniently. Also, it has a high glossy finish that can fit just perfectly with any of your room.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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