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Most people confuse Bluetooth speakers with the Wi-Fi speakers which is not right, as there is a great difference between the two. Wi-Fi based sound systems like the Sonos are usually installed permanently or semi-permanently in a room or any other location whereas the Bluetooth speakers are highly portable. Bluetooth speakers usually have a limited range that they work in, whereas the Wi-Fi speakers or sound systems can operate in a wider range. Another distinguishing feature between the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers is that the later ones can offer a better audio quality.

Listen To Music On-The-Go

If you want enjoy your music without any restrictions, then Bluetooth speakers are for you. You can take them to the beach or enjoy pleasing sound from them while you are traveling. These are very handy and powerful, you will be surprised to hear the bass and treble quality coming out of these speakers. Bluetooth speakers offer the most convenient way to listen to music on the go or at home or in your office.

What To Look For in the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

As these speakers look the same from their external appearance, you might want to take a closer look inside to see what constitutes a Bluetooth speaker to be able to find a better deal for you. Following are some of the features that you need to look for while purchasing your next Bluetooth speaker.


Before checking the other specifications, the first and the foremost thing that you need to look for is the size or dimensions of the Bluetooth speaker. You do not want to bring an over-sized or under-sized speaker to your home just to find out that they do not fit right or do not serve the purpose. The quality of the sound these speakers can produce also depends on the size of these speakers. As far as size is concerned, you can go with an ultra-portable or with a semi-portable one. The ultra-portable ones can be easily stuffed into a bigger pocket size, whereas the semi-portable ones are little bigger in size and cannot be put in even in a bigger sized pocket. You can put them in a bag.


The portability of Bluetooth speakers is directly linked with their size. If you want to carry them along, you should go with the smaller ones, but if you want to use them just in your home or office, you can go with the bigger-sized speakers.


Another important feature to look for while purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is the range in which it can operate. Depending on your preferences you can choose between 30 feet (9 meters) range speakers and 100 feet (30 meters) range speakers.

Power Source

Besides the range another important things to look for while purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is the power source. Some of them come with built-in rechargeable batteries while others need to be connected with a wall outlet to recharge. The modern ones come with a USB charging cable along with a wall outlet charger. Make sure to check the backup timing of the speaker once it is fully recharged.

Sound Quality

Last but not the least; you need to check the sound quality of these speakers. The size and the price of these speakers do not guarantee that they will produce good sound quality. You need to check the sound physically before purchasing them so make sure that they offer the same sound you are looking for. Some offer more bass than the others while some are good at producing better midrange and lows.


Aside from the more common features, you also need to check the extras that some companies offer, like a good heavy duty carrying case, extra set of re-chargeable batteries, speaker phone option, extra cables, and even design and looks.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with some of the features to look for while shopping for an ideal Bluetooth speaker, let us now shed some light on some of the Bluetooth speakers that are worth paying the money.

1. Skullcandy Air Raid Review

The Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop Proof Bluetooth Portable Speakers combine novel functionality with a roaring sound in a funky but appealing body capable to withstand rugged conditions. These military inspired design, rugged portable Bluetooth speakers, are both shock and water proof, so you can take them anywhere you want without any doubts in your mind.

Another great feature about these speakers is that they can be paired with two different Bluetooth enabled devices at a given time. Whether it is their looks, their sound quality of the extra features, everything is so nicely crafted that you will never regret purchasing one. The Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop Proof Bluetooth Portable Speakers were tested in rough and rugged conditions before they were finally released for the public.

So, these speakers are build to last and can withstand any weather conditions, they are therefore perfectly safe for people who want to take their sound system with the while partying on the beach. They are fully capable of withstanding light rains, spilled drinks and minor shocks. As far as sound is concerned these speakers are constructed in such a way that the 50 mm drivers can produce any sound to match the occasion or your taste.

These speakers are equipped with the Air Raid featured Supreme Sound technology which can produce precision highs, powerful bass and warm natural vocals. An auxiliary cable is also included in each box so that you are able to connect these speakers with your audio device if you wish so. When fully charged you can keep the party going for up to 14 hours with these speakers.

A simple but easy-to-use LED indicator keeps you updated about how much battery charging is left. By using the track functionality features of these Bluetooth speakers, you can always stay in control of your music. The Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop Proof Bluetooth Portable Speakers give you the freedom to enjoy your music from a distance of about 33 feet. Skullcandy steps up and easily takes first place as the best Bluetooth Speaker under 100 dollars.

2. Sony SRSX2 Review

The Sony SRSX2 Ultra-Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speakers can perform two functions; they allow you to connect any of your Bluetooth compatible sound devices, such as your smart phone, your iPod, your laptop or your MP3/MP4 player with them and enjoy streaming music without using any wires. In addition to that you can also use these speakers to make speakerphone calls. Due to the size of these speakers, they are able to deliver crisp highs and powerful bass.

The wide stereo mode option lets you enjoy your music in a surround sound mode. In order to make sure that you hear crystal clear sound from your Sony SRSX2 Ultra-Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker every time you connect it with your iPod or smart phone or any other music device, it is equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

You can run this speaker directly on the AC power of you can charge it thorough a built-in charger to enjoy undisturbed music for up to 5 hours. A beautiful carrying pouch is also provided with it to make sure it is safe from all the damages when you take it outside with you. As far as sound quality is concerned, two 20 watts speakers are housed in a bass-reflex design, so that you are able to enjoy rich stereo sound every time you connect it with your sound device.

When you get fed up of listening to the same sound quality, you can press the Wide Stereo Mode to listen to surround sound quality music. The Audio+ feature lets you enjoy crisp highs and powerful bass, so you are able to always hear an incredibly vibrant sound. The NFC (near field communication) technology lets you pair, stream and control your Bluetooth streaming experience via integrated Bluetooth advanced audio distribution profile and a compatible computer, digital music player or smart phone.

3. JBL Flip 3 Review

The JBL Flip Portable Stereo Speaker with Wireless Bluetooth Connection is undoubtedly the most sought after Bluetooth speaker available in the market. Although it may not be as portable as its rivals due to its lesser backup time and proprietary charger, but it surely makes up for these shortcoming by giving you an opportunity to listen to thrilling sound and an exquisite design. It is the flip-it feature that makes it stand apart from the rest.

The cylindrical shape of the JBL Flip Portable Stereo Speaker has two orientations, you can either stand it up or lay it down, and the choice is yours. Due to the presence of high quality rubber support, this speaker will stand firm whether you place it vertically or horizontally. If you run short of space, you can use it horizontally and if you want to give more exposure to it you can place it vertically. All the function keys like on/off, volume up/down and call end/answer are placed on the top where they are easily accessible.

The flip comes with an AC adapter so that you can charge it by plugging it in the wall power outlet and it does not support USB charging. But the AC charge is so powerful that it will charge the speaker in a matter of no time. Once it is fully charged, the built-in Li-ion battery is able to provide you up to 5 hours of playback time. The tiny speakers are fully capable of filling any room with fairly loud sound.

Whether you want to listen to sound tracks such as “Black Moon” or The National’s “Runaway” the JBL Flip Portable Stereo Speaker will be able to produce sound much cleaner and louder than their size. Although the Flip is marked with a range of 30 feet but in reality it can cover a better range than this, however the closer you stay the better as you will not experience any dropouts.

4. AmazonBasics Large Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you are someone who has never heard of an AmazonBasics there is nothing to be worried about, as it is the Amazon’s in-house brand. These Bluetooth speakers are better than most of the generic Bluetooth speakers available in the market these days marketed by various off-brand companies that go to China and come up with a generic speakers created from a reference design.

Equipped with two internal 5W high quality speakers and a built-in microphone for making hand-free calls, you can listen to the best sonic quality audio tracks and make calls to your friends using this Bluetooth speaker. You can play streaming music by connecting these speakers with any of the Bluetooth compatible devices such as your iPod, MP3 player, MP4 Player or laptop. These speakers are capable of delivering uninterrupted sound from a distance of up to 10 meters (30 feet), thanks to the advanced version of the Bluetooth technology used in this speaker.

Do not be worried about the AmazonBasics Large Portable Bluetooth Speaker to die on you in the middle of the road, as once fully charged you can keep the party rolling for more than 8 hours without recharging them. In addition to the Bluetooth connectivity, you can also connect these speakers with a 3.5 mm stereo cable supplied with them. Considering the fact the AmazonBasics Large Portable Bluetooth Speakers are comparatively lower in price and come with all the modern features, you can consider yourself lucky to have found one.

5. BRAVEN 710 Review

Three words perfectly define a BRAVEN 710 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, portable, lightweight and equipped with industry leading aptX encoding. These wireless Bluetooth speakers are equipped with the most technologically advanced high fidelity audio drivers to make sure that they deliver exceedingly powerful and clear sound to your music, media or conference calls.

In addition to the latest hardware, the Braven 710 comes with an IPX5 certified water-resistant design to make sure it is able to withstand the extreme weather conditions. With a Brave 710 by your side you can rock, talk and charge. You can also experience stereo surround sound by pairing two 710 speakers using the TrueWireless technology.

An excellent feature of these speakers is that they are made with an aircraft grade aluminum exterior, which gives them a unique but elegant look. The Braven 710 speakers can keep the party going for longer hours, as it can reproduce thrilling sound quality for more than 12 hours when fully charged. All the control buttons like the on/off button, volume up/down button and pause/play button are located on the right hand panel for easy access.

Tapping with other NFC-enabled devices is very quick and easy, all you need to do is simply tap the device to the lower rubber panel on the speaker. Another great feature that these speakers can offer you is the ability to charge your smart phone by connected with these speakers. For the price tag that a Braven 710 comes with, it is hard to find such a speaker which can offer so many wonderful features without compromising the quality of the sound.


You simply cannot ignore the PUNK because of its size. Although it is smaller in size, but it is tougher and louder than most of the Bluetooth speakers currently available in the market that are of same size. The best thing about the SOL REPUBLIC PUNK Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is that you can literally take it anywhere you want and enjoy true sound quality for hours without charging it again and again.

Because of its smaller dimensions it is extremely portable and it comes in so many different attractive colors. Because of its super social powers you can easily pair it with any of the Bluetooth compatible devices, such as your smart phone, your iPod, your laptop or any other sound devices. A 3.5 mm cable is also provided so that you can also connect the PUNK with your home or car stereo in case you experience any problems in Bluetooth connectivity.

Because of its rugged design and durable material, the PUNK is water and shock as well as dust resistant. It is rugged enough to withstand any shocks and is loud enough to be heard in the middle of a live concert. When fully charged it can last for more than eight hours and easily keeps the party going for the whole night.

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