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If you adore your music and won’t hesitate to take it with you in the shower, then you definitely require some of the best Bluetooth shower speakers on the market. This would be the best solution, allowing you to safely stream your favorite tracks from your phone, tablet or personal computer, wirelessly.The good news is, you can purchase some very good Bluetooth shower speakers with practically any budget. What is more? These wireless speakers are not only designed for showering. You can comfortably take them outdoors, camping or swimming because they are waterproof and therefore have the ability to withstand accidental water splashes.

We will direct you on what you need to look for when shopping for the top-rated Bluetooth shower speakers, before you make the decision to purchase a set for yourself. We will also list for you the top 10 Bluetooth shower speakers, and will further elaborate on the differences in design when comparing the best Bluetooth shower speakers to other average products. Keep reading for our waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker reviews. Additionally, we will explain to you who might prefer a set of the best Bluetooth shower speakers, and who could take most advantage of such a product. This will go a long way in helping you to make an informed purchasing decision.

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What Do You Look For In Some Of The Best Bluetooth Speakers?

There are an uncountable, and confusing features, all with various options, that must be considered when choosing the best Bluetooth shower speakers. Here are some of the things you need to consider before purchasing your wireless speakers:

Playback Time: You do not want your speaker to run out of power after a short period of playing. You should consider one that supports several hours of play back time before it needs recharging.

Color Options: Consider a brand that gives you wider color prints and options. This will let you buy a speaker that suits not only your shower interior but also your personality.

Size: Big speakers are not comfortable in the shower. Ensure you select a nice and sizable speaker that is also powerful in terms of sound.

Option to Place Calls: If your wireless speaker is being paired with your mobile phone, you may need it to have the option to take calls as well.

Weight: Bulky speakers are not handy in the shower. Make sure you pick light speakers that are also powerful in terms of sound.

Easy Control: You need a Bluetooth speaker that is easy to control either using button or a remote. This is another wise consideration when selecting a set for yourself

What Are The Differences In Design When Comparing The Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers To Other Average Products?

There are notable differences in design when comparing the best Bluetooth shower speakers to other average products. These differences include size; sound quality; durability; audio playback time; compatibility; color; duration of recharge; warranty; Bluetooth connection range and water resistance.

The best Bluetooth shower speaker is lightweight with a crystal clear sound quality, that doesn’t muddle, even when splashed or partly submerged in water. In addition, the shower speaker is highly durable with the ability to survive being knocked into the tub or the kitchen sink. Also, the speaker should have a high water proof rating – an IPX6 or higher is ideal. Furthermore, the shower speaker should be compatible with a wide range of devices like mobile phones, iPods, iPads, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Android, Nokia Lumia and Windows devices. Additionally, it should come in a combination of many colors in order to give you the freedom of picking one that suits your personal style and specifications.

A high quality Bluetooth shower speaker should have a long playback time – six hours or more is best. Additionally, the duration of recharge should be short. It should again have a long warranty compared to other average Bluetooth shower speakers. Lastly, it should have a wide connection range to ensure your music doesn’t skip or distort when your audio device is left at a distance.

Who Might Prefer A Set Of The Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers?

Bluetooth shower speakers are ideal for casual music listeners, audiophiles, home use, office use, for gardening, swimmers and campers. Are you a casual music listener? You can enjoy your favorite tracks without the bother of carrying along your mobile phone, iPod or iPad as long as you are within the range. Swimmers also can continue to enjoy their music while having an energizing swim, without the risk of drenching their phones, iPods or iPads, or damaging their speakers.

For those in offices, you can continue working as you talk on the phone, hands-free, with some high quality speakers – many of these work as well as a set of 2.1 computer speakers. At home, you can comfortably take a shower with your waterproof Bluetooth speakers – who doesn’t love singing in the shower? Farmers and gardeners can water plants or irrigate crops with the speakers right by your side – without the fear of spoiling your precious devices. Also, campers have now the liberty of staying connected to their smart phones, personal computers, iPads and iPods without the bother of having to carry them across a camping site.

1. Philips BT2200B/27 Shoqbox Review

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This Bluetooth shower speaker brings in the best features making it worth a second look, especially for music in the shower or for home offices. The Shoqbox speaker offers decent sound, an IPX6 water resistance rating, and an excellent speakerphone, which is compatible with the majority of devices. It comes in a compact package, and at a very affordable price. Here are the amazing features that makes the Philips BT2200B/27 Shoqbox one of the best Bluetooth shower speakers:

This speaker is tiny in size about the size of a hand grenade. It is light and easy to move. The speaker has a 1.6-inch speaker run by a 2.8 watts of power. Despite the small size of this speaker, the sound quality is pretty good. Bass is lacking a bit, however vocals and midtones are clear and distinct. This Bluetooth speaker is rated at IPX6, which is a better rating than many other Bluetooth speakers – a large majority of them offer only IPX4 water resistance. An IPX8 rating enables it to take heavy splashing and even mild submersion. Additionally, it has the ability to float on water because of the lightweight materials used it its design.

The Philips BT2200B/27 Shoqbox has a rechargeable lithium battery, which has the ability to last for about five hours. The speaker has a built-in microphone for picking calls hand-free. The speaker has audio-in for easy connection to any electronic devices. These high quality speakers are specifically designed for wireless music streaming via a Bluetooth connection.

2. Abco Tech Bluetooth Speaker with LCD Display Review

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The Abco Bluetooth Speaker comes with an FM radio option. You can listen to your favorite stations running from 88.0 to 108.0 Megahertz. The speaker was designed with an LCD screen to enable you to see the time and the radio station that is currently playing.

This high quality Bluetooth speaker pairs with any Bluetooth or NFC capable device. There is now no need to pair your phone because you can conveniently use the latest upgraded NFC technology to connect your phone to the speaker via Bluetooth. The speaker also comes with the option to take calls. You have the freedom to receive all incoming calls hands free, using the speakerphone feature on this top-rated Bluetooth enabled speaker.

The speaker is also highly portable giving you the freedom to easily move it from one place to another. You can now effortlessly transfer this speaker from your kitchen to your bathroom or any other convenient place where may require. Also, this high quality Bluetooth speaker can play for about 26 hours. Additionally, it has the ability to last for 55 hours on standby.

You can easily switch between you favorite stations with the fast forward and the rewind buttons. These buttons make the operation of this Bluetooth shower speaker easy and stress free. This Bluetooth shower speaker has great, clear and loud sound – very fun to listen to music with the Abco Tech in the shower.

3. VTIN Portable Speaker Review

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VTIN’s portable Bluetooth speaker is next up on our list, and is another option for the perfect addition to your bathroom. Not only is the speaker small enough to fit in a pocket, but it is covered in what seems to be a highly durable rubber material that has no problem ensuring your purchase remains free from damage in a variety of dry or wet environments. The speaker has an IPX6 rating, which is all that you’d really need in a hot steamy shower – this speaker is made for water splashes and a moist environment.

Sound quality is great for a speaker of this size, coming with 3W of power.  Volume reaches noticeably loud levels  – easily drowning out the loudest of showers. The bass is strong and has some oomph, and the mids and highs are also impressive.

Bluetooth connection is simple, and after the first-use setup, automatically connects to your device upon powering on the speaker. We found both input and output call quality to be sufficient for answering phones calls in the shower, and the listener on the other end had no problems understanding what was said. Don’t have a Bluetooth device? No problem, simply plug in your Micro SD card full of music and play tracks directly.

For those looking for an inexpensive way to fill your shower with music, VTIN’s portable Bluetooth shower speaker is an excellent choice. The solid and durable build, loud volume and impressive sound quality that you’d expect in the best shower speaker are all packed into a uniquely compact design – and for a fraction of the cost compared to some of its competitors.

4. Primas IPX7 Review

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Primas IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker comes at a very affordable price. It supports Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity. It also gives you the option to answer calls even if you have paired it with your phone. You simply press a button and the music goes down while the in-built microphone facilitates the phone communication.

Despite an affordable price tag, it gives you quality sound and comes with easy to use volume controls. Its efficient battery can give up to 6-hour playback time without charging. In addition, it only takes 3 hours to charge fully.

It is an ideal Bluetooth speaker for shower use, pool use, outdoor use, kitchen use and even on a boat. The device is quite small but ultra powerful. Additionally, it has simple and easy pairing properties.

This Bluetooth shower speaker is highly portable because it is made out of lightweight materials. It is also highly durable having the ability to resist breakage from falling. Besides, it has a high water resistance rating compared to other average Bluetooth shower speakers.


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The Mpow Armor portable Bluetooth waterproof speaker is a high quality speaker with the ability to shut off automatically within ten minutes, if not connected to a Bluetooth device – this allows the best use of your precious battery-life. In addition, its rechargeable battery provides eight hour of playback. It is characterized with a long working range of 30 feet.

Its powerful amplifier and two passive bass radiators enables this speaker to deliver crisp stereo sound and a powerful volume, both indoors and outdoors. Its integrated microphone gives you the ability to pick a call even when the speaker is paired with your phone. Furthermore, this speaker is highly durable with the ability to withstand falling breakages. Its water resistance rating is high compared to other Bluetooth speakers.

The Mpow Armor is also portable, and built with lightweight materials. The speaker size is small but has the ability to give high quality loud audio. Additionally, the speaker comes with easy to control volume buttons making its operation stress free. The speaker is also portable with the Sam sung Galaxy smart phones, iPad Touch and other Bluetooth enabled cell phones. This speaker also comes with a two year warranty as a quality assurance standard – you shouldn’t need it.

6. iFox iF012 Review

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iFox iF012 – The portable wireless Bluetooth shower speaker is a wireless Bluetooth speaker with a nearly perfect bass response – especially considering this is a waterproof speaker designed for showers. Its water resistance rating is relatively high, standing at IPX4 – it is important to note that this speaker should never be submerged in water. It also comes with a two year warranty as a guarantee of its high quality standards – also unlikely to be needed as this is a quality product.

This Bluetooth speaker is ideal for use in many situations, whether it be singing in the shower, chillin in the kitchen, or just relaxing at the pool. You can take calls with it wherever you are, even in the shower. Furthermore, its Bluetooth range is claimed to be thirty-three feet. The speaker comes in five amazing colors to give you a wide variety to sample from.

This speaker takes four hours to recharge its 500 mAh lithium battery giving it a playback time of up to five to six hours. Once it is fully charged, you can easily pair it with your Bluetooth device and listen to your favorite tracks.

This speaker is highly durable with the ability to withstand falling. In addition, it is highly portable because of the lightweight materials used in its design.

7. iFox iF013 Review

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The iFox iF013 waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker is a highly portable Bluetooth speaker that comes with a high water resistant rating of iFox. It is ideal for pool, shower, outside, beach, boat, bath and car. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and it is compatible with the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

The suction cup gives you the ability to stick the speaker to most surfaces. It also comes with an easy volume control and a built-in microphone to facilitate Hands-free phone answering. It is a highly portable speaker made from lightweight materials hence easy to transport from one place to another.

This speaker supports V3.0 as well as 4.0 Bluetooth devices. Its operating range is thirty feet. Its battery takes 2-3 hours to charge fully, giving a playback time of up to five to six hours.

The speaker size is small but it gives high quality crystal clear sound. In addition, this speaker comes in a combination of colors giving you the freedom to sample from your favorite colors.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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