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The days when CB Radios ruled the proverbial truck driver roost are gone. With the advent of modern technology like mobile phones, the internet, and Bluetooth, there are now devices today that have replaced the truck driver CB radios as their primary means of communication. Bluetooth headsets have done just that. But there are loads of different Bluetooth headsets to choose from and a lot of them are not particularly suited for the average driver’s needs. So how does a truck driver determine the qualities of a great Bluetooth headset? Continue scrolling past our top-rated headsets guide to find out.

Characteristics To Look For In A Bluetooth Headset


There are a lot of setups employed by Bluetooth headsets be it over-the-ear, a one-piece ear clip, or a traditional headset complete with an extending microphone. Truck drivers will want to look for a Bluetooth headset that is not distracting or obtrusive while driving. After all, one will not want to cause a road accident. Bear in mind that some areas require drivers to use a Bluetooth headset that does not cover both ears so it might be better to stick with the one-piece ear clip over traditional headphone designs.

Also, look for a Bluetooth headset with excellent hands-free capabilities. A Bluetooth headset is always better if it is designed to direct a truck driver’s attention on the road rather than fiddle endlessly with the headset’s controls. For that reason, a simple headset design with less buttons works better. The buttons should be large enough and if possible have embossed symbols for their functions for easier operation. There are also Bluetooth headsets that offer voice controls but those seem more gimmicky than functional.

Comfort and Fit

Truck drivers often drive through bumpy roads so a lot of shaking and to a lesser extent headbanging is experienced by drivers. A great Bluetooth headset should be able to stay in place and remain stable even during rough patches of the road. Some headsets may easily fall at the smallest of bumps because they don’t provide a good fit. Another thing to consider is if the Bluetooth headset will be comfortable to wear over long periods of time. Some Bluetooth headsets may feel nice when worn for the first time but become unbearable after a few hours. These instances are usually caused by tight headbands, hard earpads, close-fitting clips, or extra-large eartips that just don’t fit right. Since truckers often drive for many hours, it is important that a Bluetooth headset be comfortable to wear.

Battery Life and Bluetooth Connectivity

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers is the battery life. Since truck drivers, well, drive on the road for long stretches, it is essential that their headsets are able to keep up with the long grind. An average consumer Bluetooth headset gives around 4 to 6 hours of talktime. A truck driver’s Bluetooth headset should be able to give out more than that, at about 7 to 12 hours of talktime. Bonus points if a Bluetooth headset can work even during charging so drivers can just plug the device in and not worry. It is also better if the headset is Bluetooth 4.1 certified instead of the more popular 2.0 standard. Bluetooth 4.1 carries low-energy technology that greatly extends the battery life of a headset. A long connection range of more than 10 meters is also necessary so that drivers can go to the back of their trailers without losing connection.

Sound Quality and Microphone

It is highly unlikely that a truck driver will use his Bluetooth headset primarily for listening to music so hi-fi audio output is not a must. The important thing to consider is if the headset outputs audible, distortion-free audio that makes voices sound clear. Truck drivers will likely be irritated by tinny audio output because there will be a lot of crackling noises in the background.

Mic quality is as important so that a driver’s voice sounds natural at the other end of the line. A lot of Bluetooth headsets also feature noise-cancellation so that background noise is eliminated, especially as driving a truck can be quite noisy.

Positive Qualities

Overall, the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers offer a functional design, comfortable and secure fit, long battery life, and clear audio quality. While these characteristics are for trucker Bluetooth headsets, an average consumer will likely find value in them. Other professionals that require constant communication will also appreciate the same positive qualities found in these Bluetooth headsets.

1. Jabra STEALTH Bluetooth Headset Review

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Jabra is a known manufacturer of great Bluetooth audio accessories and the STEALTH is no exception. It is a no-nonsense Bluetooth headset that truck drivers will surely appreciate.

The design of the Jabra STEALTH is minimalist but elegant. The one-piece device flaunts a plastic body marked by a silver metallic finish that is reminiscent of the bottom part of an iPhone. The eartip of the STEALTH is removable so users can swap a more comfortable eartip instead of the default one.

The Jabra STEALTH is really intuitive. The easy to use device only has two buttons: a hands-free button for voice controls and a call answer button. The STEALTH pairs with a smartphone’s voice assistant like Siri or Google Now to conduct searches, play music, or place calls. The voice integration works beautifully and got the words correctly most of the time.

The STEALTH is extremely comfortable when worn and there are no issues whatsoever even on bumpy roads. Its lightweight design and secure fit makes the STEALTH an enjoyable device to use. The design of the eartip is similar to Apple’s earpods but is more comfortable because it is made of silicone unlike the plastic construction of the earpods.

In terms of audio quality, the Jabra STEALTH is also an excellent performer. The sound is clear and bright. Voices sound natural and are perfectly audible. The STEALTH can get pretty loud so volume will definitely not be a problem. Microphone performance is also stellar. The person at the other end of the line reported that the sound reproduction is clear and natural even at noisy environments. This is because of the Noise Blackout feature which is just a fancy name for noise cancellation. It works really well so drivers will not have to worry about the noisy engine of their trucks.

The Jabra STEALTH is an excellent buy. It features a well-rounded set of features that truckers will surely appreciate.

2. Motorola Elite HZ770 Sliver II Wireless Headset Review

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The Motorola Elite HZ770 Sliver II is an extremely small Bluetooth headset that tries to be as discreet and unobtrusive as possible. It is packed with great ideas but is it a great headset for truck drivers?

The design of the Motorola Elite Sliver II is tiny but elegant. It features a wraparound design that attaches to the back of the ear. The Elite Sliver II is primarily black with a silver swivel joint that holds the eartip. The curvy styling of the Sliver II is weirdly reminiscent of a stethoscope.

Motorola included some brilliant functionalities with the Elite Sliver II. To turn it on, the earpiece swivels left or right. There is an answer call button at the end of the ear clip while there are volume controls near the swivel. The buttons, though, are hard to locate and even harder to press. The awkward placements of the buttons make the Elite Sliver II fidgety instead of seamless.

The device comes with a posh carrying case that doubles as a charger. The Motorola Elite Sliver II doesn’t have a dedicated charging port within the unit itself and instead relies on the case to supply it juice. It works fine and looks cool but it would have been better if there was a dedicated charging port because the headset cannot be used while it is charging. Coupled with the slightly disappointing talk time of 4 to 5 hours, the Sliver II becomes a bit limited in its functionality.

There are also problems with fit as the Motorola Elite Sliver II can be difficult to put on if one is wearing glasses. The bulky ear clip just doesn’t play with glasses, making it uncomfortable when worn during long periods as it slightly bends the ear.

Thankfully, audio quality is not a weak-point for the Motorola Elite Sliver II. Voices sounded great and the mic produced crystal clear sound as well at the other line. The Elite Sliver II supports HD audio though noise cancellation is notably absent.

The moderate expense may offset truckers from buying, but make no mistake the Motorola Elite Sliver II is a solid piece of hardware. The swivel to open feature is noteworthy and HD audio will always be a plus.

3. Jabra MOTION Bluetooth Headset Review

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The Jabra MOTION is another trooper in Jabra’s Bluetooth earpiece lineup. But instead of a clip-on design, it features a wraparound design and is noticeably bigger than the STEALTH. How does the MOTION fare?

If the STEALTH projects a discreet character, the MOTION is a much louder design. The Jabra MOTION is a curvaceous device, largely gray but with a silver strip of controls at the back. It is made of soft touch plastic and just screams elegant even from afar.

The MOTION’s controls is largely the same as the STEALTH but with the addition of volume controls. Most of the controls are placed on a strip located at the back of the device along with the charging port. The answer call button, on the other hand, is located at the edge of the device. The buttons are easy to press and are satisfyingly click-y.

Comfort may well as be the MOTION’s middle name. It is extremely comfortable even when worn for hours on end. The ears don’t get fatigued even with the wraparound design and the eartip attaches inside the ear securely. Truckers will not have a problem in terms of the headset falling off.

The battery life is rated at 10 hours of talk-time and the MOTION did not disappoint. Daily usage of the MOTION rounds out to about that number and when used in spurts lasted over a few days before needing a charge. Truck drivers will surely appreciate the long battery life.

Last is the sound quality which is about the same as the STEALTH. The MOTION outputs crystal clear sound with voices sounding rich and vibrant. The mic features noise cancellation which works great without making the voice sound muddy or distorted.

The MOTION is cheaper than the stealth, but packs the same set of features albeit at a slightly larger package. Truckers will definitely not be disappointed at the MOTION because of its set of features and reliable performance.

4. Jabra Talk 45 Review

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The Jabra Talk 45 is a compact and lightweight clip on Bluetooth headset that promises long battery life. But is its other features up to par?

The design chops of Jabra Talk is quite evident in the M50. It looks sleek and futuristic, qualities that are trademarks of Jabra Talk design. The Jabra Talk 45 has a black body with silver accents and a cool looking transparent clip. A random square pattern adorns the shield of the M50 along with the Jabra Talk logo.

The Jabra Talk 45 fits snugly in the ears when worn. There were no issues with fit and the device did not fall off even on the fastest head bangs or shakes. It is also comfortable to wear for long stretches, it doesn’t feel like anything is clipping on the ear.

Controlling the Jabra Talk 45 was a bit of a mess. The controls are located at the sides of the device along with the charging port and indicator light. The buttons are quite small and are mushy when pressed. This led to awkward on and off switching because there is no certainty that the power button has indeed been pushed. Voice controls are also available but is a bit of a hit and miss. There were times when it registered something correctly while there were instances when it could not identify a name from the contacts.

Battery life is the main highlight of the Jabra Talk 45. It is rated at 11 hours of continuous talk time and it was able to achieve that mark in real life use. When used in spurts the 45 was able to last a few days without needing a power outlet. The connectivity range is also stellar at 33 meters. Truckers will not have to worry about losing connection when going to the back of their trailers.

Last is the sound quality, which is adequate for 45’s expense. While it won’t stream music with gusto, it will reproduce voices with extreme clarity and brightness. The microphone also reproduces sound well so voices come out naturally and clearly at the other end of the line. There is also noise cancellation so noisy or windy environments will not be a problem.

The Jabra Talk 45 is a definite steal especially taking into account its sleek design and stellar battery life.

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