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While even a less than stellar aviation headset will eliminate the critical level of airplane noise, several surveys and studies have shown that any loud pitch of unnecessary volume that the pilot is exposed to may cause serious damage to the eardrums as the time passes. Much work and research has been done in the past years to make the best headsets comfortable with soft and plush cushioning on the top of the head and around the ears.

Since selecting an aviation headset is a personal decision, it is a good practice to consider the features that matters the most to you. You will definitely need a starting point. You need to look what are your options and what factors you need to consider before investing your money in to buying a new headset.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Aviation Headset

ANR Technology: One of the most important factors to consider is whether you need an active noise reduction (ANR) technology or not. Or in other words traditional passive noise reduction model. The active noise cancellation is a new technology that is effective at eliminating or reducing low frequency noise such as propeller and engine noise in a light aircraft. This is done by dividing or sampling the noise, inverting the waveform and re-producing it directly through the speakers of headset where it provides great help to cancel out the actual sound. Generally speaking, these ANR aviation headsets provides greater hearing protection in environments with high noise but won’t do any good to reduce frequencies such as airflow or wind noise. The ANR headsets require power supply. The source can be wither a battery box or some more complex panel mounted specially dedicated to power supply.

Noise attenuation and sound quality: Since the basic reason of wearing avionic headset is to prevent any damage to hearing, you need to know how perfectly any headset reduces the quantity of noise reaching your ears. Both passive and active noise reduction aviation headsets includes a noise reduction rating. After the protection of your hearing, another concern of aviation headset is to allow you to communicate more efficiently and clearly both inside the cockpit using an intercom and outside the cockpit when talking to flight service, air traffic control or any other aircraft.

Comfort: When talking about headset comfort, weight is a major factor. Generally speaking, the lighter the better but in some cases its worth noting that aviation headphones with lighter weight might offer less passive noise reduction than its heavy counterparts. Most have headbands that is adjustable to help you move and position the ear cups comfortably. But most of the headsets are crafted and designed with men in mind. Also, the metal used in headphones can turn out to be uncomfortable but they are more adjustable than plastic ones. Gel padding can be heavier than foam but most pilots believe that they provide better cushioning around the ear seals.

The target audience for this product is obviously the pilots who fly their jets or other commercial aircraft. These headsets provides them great comfort around their ears and protects their hearing capability from any damage that can be caused by high pitched, loud engine thunder and sound. Thus these are the best precaution to take before flying the plane.

1. Bose A20 Aviation Headset Review

The main reason behind crafting the Bose A20 Aviation Headset is a very motivational one that is to make it way better than its predecessors in every possible way. The headset features more newer and better electronic components. There are two microphones per ear cups instead of one to more precisely gauge the noise signature.

It also includes powerful drivers without which the Bose A20 Aviation Headset could not work its magic. It is pretty compatible with mobile phones using the new wireless Bluetooth connection and with audio devices using the mini jack on the control module. You can attach any kind of audio device, a GPS or a digital music player with it.

The housing also includes improved mono(or dual) stereo volume controls, the phone connect button and an on/off switch. Bose claims that a pair of AA alkaline batteries can keep it going for straight 45 hours in a noisy, typical airplane environment. Thus, this proves to be one of the good aviation headsets available in the market. You can give it a try. It is worth giving a shot!

2. David Clark DC PRO-X Hybrid Electronic Noise-Cancelling Aviation Headset Review

Leading innovative and edge technology, sleek and supra aural design makes David Clark DC PRO-X Hybrid Electronic Noise-Cancelling Aviation Headset the leader of aviation headsets in its pack. The David Clark DC PRO-X Hybrid Electronic Noise-Cancelling Aviation Headset is the perfect blend of comfort and performance.

From it feather light headband made of magnesium alloy and suspension system to its world class Hybrid noise cancelling technology and compatibility with Bluetooth, you will not come across any better aviation headset or better value. It includes the following features:

  • Hybrid noise cancellation technology with improved feed forward and feed-back provides bets noise reduction.
  • Dual voice coil drivers gives fail safe operation to guarantee full communication in case of battery loss or system failure.
  • DSP or digital signal processing guarantees high fidelity for music listening and superior communication.
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology provides flawless integration for connecting to MP3 players, cell phones, tablets or other personal devices.
  • Mono/stereo switch.
  • Low profile, leather headband with breathable, vented design eliminates hot spots.
  • Control module being powered by 2 AA batteries for up to 50 hours of work.
  • 5 year warranty by leading customer service.

3. Lightspeed ZULU.2 Review

Experience the extraordinary comfort and quite of the ANR aviation headset that strongly established Lightspeed as the unique leader. The choice of professional and private pilots around the world, Zulu.2 is a success of communication connectivity and provides a lot of features that you expect from Lightspeed. Zulu.2 headsets can turn your iPhone or iPad into a voice recorder of in-flight cockpit through the use of an app FlightLink developed by Lightspeed.

Pilots can record everything going through the intercom using FlightLink. Having weight around 13 pounds, the Lightcomfort ZULU.2 design includes exceptional fit, plush ears and 15% less side pressure. A low profile, stainless steel headband serves lightweight durability and excellent cabin clearance. It also includes an integrated control box input that offers an additional port for connecting music player, cell phone or any other device.

Another interesting feature is Lightspeed’s Auto shutoff that saves battery life big time by automatically turning off the headset when not in use. It also matches with audio panel inputs with a quick toggle between stereo or mono. Apart from this, it includes cord clip, foam windscreen, 2 AA batteries, cell phone/mp3 player cords and carrying case as accessories.

4. FARO G2 Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Premium Pilot Aviation Headset Review

For the pilots who take flying seriously, FARO G2 Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Premium Pilot Aviation Headset was designed. G2 actively diminishes cockpit noise using the newest sound technology. So that you can fly for a longer period, in a calm and silent environment, more comfortably. Its main specifications includes:

  • Excellent noise reduction up to 26 dB.
  • Feature of ANR.
  • Without cord assembly–Only 13 oz.
  • Large comfortable head pad.
  • Soft and plush leather ear covers.
  • 3 year replacement warranty.
  • 5 mm auxiliary input included as MP3/iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android input.
  • Advanced dual volume control.
  • High end noise cancelling electret microphone.

It has wireless Bluetooth streaming enable and uses 2 AA batteries. Battery can last up to 30 hours provided the condition of the environment is normal and low battery is implied using red LED light. It supports stereo and mono intercom. Ultra thick and soft leather ear pads provide you with an amazing noise reduction and protects your ears comfortably. Thus, it is an important catch if you are up to buying an aviation headset that provides you great performance along with covering your ears.

5. Lightspeed Zulu 3 Aviation Headset Review

Escalate to the world of superior ANR headsets with the most trustable “Sierra”. Chose as the “hands down favorite” in the world of aviation pilots, Lightspeed SIERRA ANR Aviation Headset provides quiet, comfort and the advanced features you have always expected from Lightspeed. Bluetooth connectivity and Active Noise Reduction are two of the top notch features of Lightspeed SIERRA ANR Aviation Headset.

Plus, soft ear cushions and fiber reinforced polymer design adds to the durability of the product. Bluetooth available for audio devices and ComPriority enhance your flying experience. design that supports reversible headband lets the placement of microphone on the right or left. Lightspeed SIERRA ANR Aviation Headset is everything tha you have been looking for in an ANR aviation headset. The main features of it includes:

  • Weight around 16 oz.
  • Wired music interface. Right and left ear volume controls.
  • Auto shut off.
  • Auto music mute.
  • Amazing ANR noise reduction.
  • LED that indicated battery status.
  • 2 AA batteries that supports 40 hours of operation.
  • Dual G.A plugs, straight cord.
  • Mono/stereo switchable.
  • Slow recovery, soft leather ear cushions.
  • 5 year warranty from Lightspeed.
  • Integrated wireless Bluetooth interface for music streaming.

6. FARO G2-PNR Premium Pilot Aviation Headset Review

The all new FARO G2-PNR Premium Pilot Aviation Headset comes with soft and large head pad to provide extra comfort for even long cross country flight. It has a noise cancelling electret microphone that is fully adjustable and beam with wind screen lets ATC and other fellow partners to hear you clear and loud. It does not need a battery.

To bring your favorite songs on board, it provides iPod/Radio/iPhone/MP3 compatibility. All you need to do is to plug in 3.5 mm cable in to your FARO G2-PNR Premium Pilot Aviation Headset and experience the pleasure of flying to the whole different extent. The soft and ultra thick Silicon gel ear protection offers you with an astonishing 26 db in noise cancellation and comfortable protect your ears from being damaged. Also, if anything bad happens accidentally to your aviation headset, you can send it back to the FARO company and receive its replacement within three years of purchase.

The FARO G2-PNR Premium Pilot Aviation Headset are made of fine quality material and are highly durable. Thus, this is a good choice if you are into buying a new aviation headset.

7. CRAZEDpilot CP-1ANR ACTIVE Noise Reduction Headset Review

The CRAZEDpilot CP-1ANR ACTIVE noise reduction headset is one of the renowned headsets in the market today. It delivers amazing performance in comparison to Bose and Lightspeed but is a bit pricey than them. But it worth all the cost because of the functions it performs and features it provides. The outstanding features it provides, to the aviation pilots, are as follows:

  • The level of noise cancellation it provide is great. average 20 dB same level as that of Bose and is far better than DC ENC.
  • It utilizes one 9 volt battery that provides working time of around 48 hours which is way better than DC which provides working time of 25 hours.
  • Gel ear cushions and cotton cloth ear seals are added to provide extra comfort to the pilot.
  • It has AUX jack for call phone with link cables (adapter for iPhone added).
  • Low frequency noise cancellation improves by an additional 18-24 dB when the ANR is on.
  • It automatically turns power on or off when either the unit is unplugged or when your intercom powers on.
  • It is also stereo compatible.

8. ASA HS-1 Aviation Headset Review

The HS-1 Aviation Headset by ASA is a passive noise isolation aviation headset that comes with a number of basic features. It’s a right choice for beginners, student pilots or for those aircraft owners who are looking for additional aviation headsets for the comfort of their passengers.

Even at the price at which it comes, it has to offer attributes that only expensive aviation headsets can afford. For instance, a low noise reduction rating of 23 db and high density acoustic foam to provide high level comfort. It also includes an Electret noise cancelling microphone which lessen the background noise so you can be heard clear and loud by others. This also makes it convenient to hear out your passengers when they want to establish communication with you in your cockpit.

Another advantage that people who have bought it mention is its ability to adjust the headset to fit any size of the head without any problems. The cable cord of ASA HS-1 Aviation Headset has a number of strands that diminishes the likelihood of damaging the wire and extends the life of the cable. The ASA offers lifetime guarantee of the product to the actual owner, so if anything happens to your headset you can get it replaced with another one.

9. RA200 Rugged Air Aviation Pilot Headset Review

Perfect performance at a perfect price. The RA200 Rugged Air Aviation Pilot Headset comes in a package that is full of features and high end performance, making it an ideal and affordable choice for instructors, pilots, passengers, student pilots and flight schools. The specification it offers includes:

  • Articulating wire boom.
  • Hearing protection of 24 dB NRR.
  • 50 mm audio speakers for clear hearing.
  • Stainless steel headband that is adjustable.
  • 5 mm universal music port.
  • Foam fit comfort ear cushions.
  • Mic muff of wind blocking foam.
  • 7 year factory warranty.
  • Impedance of 150 ohms.

With hundreds and thousands of products from different brands available in the market today, the RA200 Rugged Air Aviation Pilot Headset ensures that you have everything you need in an aviation headset for the best price around. Always be heard with the newest technology used to build EM56 noise reflective cup microphone and mic muff of wind blocking foam. This is one of the best products available to opt for if you are looking for aviation headset.

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