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This is more of a no-brainer point, but it is often overlooked. You should ensure that you have enough space to match how you want to position the TV—wall space to mount it or furniture to place it on.

If the space is not apparent at first, think of working that out before making the purchase. A solution will definitely pop up, and you never know, you might recognize that you have to pay more mind to one or two peculiar features that you otherwise would have ignored—say the size of the bezels or the viewing angle.


What is the point of buying a TV with a screen size of 70-inches or greater if it would just have the same functionalities as a 21-inch TV? Larger size screens come with the foremost advancements in TV tech. Smart capabilities should be a given.

You should also look through the spec sheet more intently. The number of the pixels or colors it can display may wow you, but ensure that it translates to a terrific viewing experience and not just an impressive stat on paper.

3D capabilities may sound great, but you want to verify if it is active or passive, the widespread (or otherwise) support for the underlying technology and what not.

4K Ultra HD or 1080p

This comparison relates to resolution, and to put it simply, a 4K UHD TV has four times (400%) more pixels than a 1080p FHD TV. The more important question is if that matters. To be exact, at the moment it does matter. 4K was introduced couple of years back. At the time, there was very little support, too few content, and the price was out of this world. Today, things have changed, although not as much as many would hope.

4K is the future, like 1080p once was. The technology has found its way to video cameras, even your smartphones, streaming TV devices like Roku, and the fast-rising video-on-demand services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, and beloved YouTube have plenty of 4K content.

So yeah, it would hurt to spend couple of Ks on a “supposedly” high-end TV intended to be used long-term, only for it to be tagged ‘old tech’ in a few years.

However, it must be said that if getting a 4K model is way out of your budget, there is little reason to break the bank for the tech. 1080p Full HD is the tech of the moment. It will take a very long time for it to fizzle out completely as 1080p TVs can play 4K content with awesome clarity (not as much as when a dedicated 4K TV handles it, but more quality than 1080p content).

Optimum Viewing Distance For A 70-inch (+) TV

The recommended viewing distance for a 70-inch TV is 10 feet for 1080p FHD resolution, and 7 feet for 4k UHD resolution. It is quite a distance and not an exaggeration. Thus, if you are unable to meet the requirement, it would be best to consider a smaller-sized TV.

The reason is simple, if you sit too close, you will notice the pixels of the television. It wouldn’t matter if you are watching a 1080p HD movie. Increasing the viewing distance means that the density of the details increases, which results in a better image.

1. Samsung UN78JS9500 Review

The Samsung UN78JS9500 produces one of the best pictures we’ve seen on a curved LED screen. Out of the box, you can expect some fantastic video processing, along with top-notch contrast, dark blacks and blooming colors to match. While we do find OLED TVs to have a better picture, they cannot compete with the UN78JS9500 when it comes to screen brightness. A bright screen such as this is ideal for bright rooms and anyone looking for a TV that pretty much jumps out at you.

The UN78JS9500 has an elegant yet futuristic look to it, starting with the metallic silver bezel. It is not the smallest TV bezel we’ve seen, but the way it is sharply angled it goes nicely and adds a touch of class to the design. The TV uses a full-array LED backlight, which results in a slightly wider and heavier product. A quick scan of the top of the TV and you’ll find a tiny camera that swivels with the touch of a finger.

Full-array local dimming is utilized in this Samsung and is one of the main characteristics that sets itself apart from competitors. This is a technology that allows the LCD to brighten or dim in specific areas of the screen, largely independent from one section or another. Other competitors utilize local dimming, even some of the more inexpensive Samsung models, but the UN78JS9500 has more independent zones which results in more precise improvements in brightness in contrast. Like other SUHD TVs, a nanocrystal-enhanced (similar to Quantum Dots) LCD structure is utilized which is responsible for its HDR capabilities.

The screen itself is curved and the stand that it comes with highlights this fact with its own angled design. The TV clicker is simple to use and our favorite part is the motion control, which allows you to move the pointer across the screen. Another cool feature is the automatic basic menu popup whenever you lay your finger on the touch-sensitive pointer button.

The Tizen Smart TV operating system boasts a clean and simple interface. You’ll find most of the popular apps available and streaming shows and movies from Netflix or audio from Pandora is a breeze. If you’re looking for one of the best looking LED TVs in terms of aesthetics and picture quality, then the Samsung UN78JS9500 is the way to go. This is an expensive product, and with that it comes with all the bells and whistle’s you’d expect in an apex predator TV such as this.

2. Samsung UN78JU7500 Review

Next up on our list is the Samsung UN78JU7500. Not quite the same picture quality with a side-by-side comparison as the SUHD television above, but for nearly half the price it is most definitely a steal. Unlike the Samsung JS series, the UN78JU7500 is priced much more reasonably and should be much more accessible to the average consumer.

This 78-inch LED comes with 4K Ultra HD resolution, 3D capabilities and an efficient, easy-to-use Smart TV interface. Even without the next-gen features like HDR or quantum dot nanocrystal technology, the UN78JU7500 still produces an excellent picture with great processing, brightness, color accuracy, and black levels. The 78-inch screen really brings 4K resolution to a whole separate category and you will find yourself with a whole new level of immersion that most never encounter. While many people are largely indifferent to curved displays, we find it to actually work as intended for this TV, exponentially increasing the consumer’s engrossment with what is on the screen. Contrast ratios are very good as is color saturation. Brightness levels are also excellent despite the lack of HDR readiness.

The UN78JU7500 is an excellent choice if you are considering a 78-inch 4K UHD TV – with some of the best specs at this size and within this price range, you’ll be hard to come by another product as elegantly designed and high-functioning as the Samsung UN78JU7500.

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