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When you wish to listen to your play list in the best possible sound quality – hearing every detail in the tracks – you definitely need the Best 2.1 Computer Speakers to make it happen. Regular computers do not have high-quality speakers; you will need to purchase a powerful speaker system in order to feel the vibe of the soundtracks. If you are a fan of good music, you surely notice the importance of choosing the right speakers system to enhance your experience.

However, making this decision is no easy task; you need to keep in mind a few considerations, such as the price range, speaker size, bass response, accessories, and any extra features or perks that each individual product may have. You should learn the basics about this kind of sound systems in order to make an educated decision on what device to pick in your next purchase. There are a lot of average devices which may do just fine, but only a few of them are the best 2.1 computer speakers on the market.

What do you Look for in Some of the Best Sounding 2.1 Computer Speakers?

In the past few years, the sound quality of the speaker systems for computers has increased exponentially. Nowadays, it is possible to get decent sound quality for an affordable price. In this regard, the best 2.1 computer speaker systems are your best choice according to the price-quality ratio (i.e. they provide a high-quality for an affordable price). You can also consider the performance of the devices in order to establish a comparison among the best candidates. If you are seeking out a true surround sound experience, you should check out our guide for the best 5.1 speakers.

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One deciding factor is the price but luckily quite a few of the best speakers are placed within the $100, $200, and $300 ranges. Besides, you should never underestimate the value of the extra features (i.e. bass / treble control, remote control, mute button, plugs for MP3 players, etc.) which may allow you to customize your experience as a user, in a very unique way. The size of the speakers mostly depends on what purpose they will serve (i.e. listening to music at home or at the office). Last but not least, do you move around a lot? If you do, wireless may be the best choice for you.

What are the differences in design when comparing the best 2.1 computer speakers to other average products?

The Best 2.1 computer speakers provide some features which make them stand out from the pack. This kind of speaker does not differ in size to other average products in the market quite noticeably, in most cases. However, sound quality is quite another issue when it comes to making a comparison. For instance, having a strong, and powerful bass response will allow you to experience the sound in films and video games in a much deeper way. If you are used to listening to music in headphones or with laptop speakers, you will notice the difference as soon as you try out 2.1 speakers for the first time – the best 2.1 speakers will have a three-dimensional feel, also known as holophonic sound, when it comes to audio.

Speaking about durability, this type of sound systems is as resilient as the average products or even more. Clearly, the best feature is the sound quality, which provides a much more vivid approach to a real life experience. You will feel the sound around the room as if you were in the middle of the action. The bass range has a lot to do in this regard provided that regular speakers do not produce as many sound frequencies as the 2.1 systems do.

Not to mention the common limits of most of the laptop speakers or other standard desktop speakers, and the poor quality of the sound drivers that are installed by default. If you want to enhance the sound in your device for maximum improvement, a change of the sound card, in addition to an upgrade of the drivers and the speakers at the same time is best. A new speaker system will do just fine if you had to choose between the three.

Who might prefer a set of the best 2.1 computer speakers?

Audiophiles are the most interested in testing better speaker systems as they appear in the market. The Best 2.1 Computer Speakers fulfill a lot of their exigent requirements on a frequent basis, but they are not the only people who can benefit of these devices. Casual music listeners may find interesting to live a much deeper sound experience at home or at work. Nowadays, due to the affordable prices of most of the 2.1 sound systems, almost anyone can try out one of this good-performing set of speakers.

Another relevant deciding factor when purchasing one of these products is how the user plans on experiencing the sound. For instance, if you are willing to listen to music at home, then you may want a larger set of speaker with immersive sound or even consider getting a Bluetooth wireless speaker system so that you are able to move around your place at will. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to watching media in an office, you may have enough with a smaller set that has enough clarity.

1. Logitech Z623 980-000402 Review

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The Logitech Z623 980-000402 is not only a very affordable speaker system, but also a very powerful one. You are able to listen to the sound at full volume without distortion, while controlling the bass at the same time with a dial. It has 3 audio inputs so that you can easily plug the speakers in to all your devices. It’s a 3-component wired set with 2 satellite speakers and a large subwoofer box, which is responsible for its deep, hard-hitting bass. Its immersive sound will definitely transport you to other places in a matter of seconds when enjoying the vivacity of the sound.

The sound quality is highly regarded across the internet. The power of the sound is high enough to fill a large room, making this device a suitable choice for a party at home, or any other requirements by casual music listeners. Despite not being a portable set, it is a durable sound system meant to stay in a room while providing all the sound. The style is discrete, as it is a black middle-sized device.

This speaker system is not only meant to be used with computers, as it has 3 audio plugs which can be used at the same time. It is a very complete set which can be connected to any device at home, such as an MP3 player, an iPod or even a video game console. The Logitech Z623 980-000402 200 Watt speaker system is an all-in-one affordable speaker set designed to boost the sound and change the way you experience sound forever. This device is very worthy of your purchase – you will not regret.

2. Audioengine A2+ Review

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The Audioengine A2+ Premium Powered Desktop Speakers combines style and sound quality perfectly. This arrangement can be connected to an USB port and has a subwoofer output, as well. It was designed for desktop use, as it name suggests, but it has enough power to fill the room with sound. The small size of these speakers hides the volume they can produce, proving once again that appearances can deceive. This speaker system will highly boost the quality of your sound experiences, as it has a very good price-performance ratio.

In a few words, these desktop speakers exceed the performance of other products in their price range; they are a quite good choice for office use and will perform acceptably at home. You may not expect a huge bass out of these rather small speakers but they can effectively perform this sophisticated sound. Another important feature is the portability; this arrangement can be moved in a matter of seconds from one of the house to another. The speakers are considerably small and very light but provide a powerful sound output.

Connectivity is what best suits such portable speakers. This desktop system comes with minijacks, additional plugs and a few other accessories which make your experience most rewarding as a new user. In short, you will be able to establish an easy connection with any device at home effortlessly. These additional easy-to-use connectors are a must-have for people who like moving around their place. Despite of being a wired arrangement, this set is quite portable and will fulfil the requirements of most casual music listeners at home and their workplace. Most importantly, this is the best choice if you do not have plenty of space for larger speakers.

3. Bose Companion 20 Review

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The Bose Companion 20 is somewhat more expensive than the average 2.1 speaker sets but it offers unique features that make it worth the price. It has a strong sound and low, deep bass, a cool appearance and a wired remote which will prove to come handy. In spite of lacking a bass or treble control and being a bit expensive, it has good characteristics to consider.

One nice aspect is that this set has only 2 speakers, as there is no separated subwoofer even though it is capable of producing a strong bass sound. In addition, it has a simple outline, there are no controls in the speakers but they are placed in the wired control pod. By touching this remote control, you are able to mute the sound with one swift move. You can also change the volume by moving a finger along the pod, which provides a much closer experience to the user. This pod has a second input and the headphone jack, as well. Its minimalistic design gives this computer speaker system a refined look.

You will be surprised by the power of the bass in spite of not having a subwoofer. In addition, the Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System has an energy saving mode which can be toggled in the control pod. The set is somewhat portable, as is has a simple arrangement and the speakers happen to be light, barely 1 kg each. Another astonishing feature is the power of the volume, which can fill an entire floor easily. Despite the medium size of the speakers, the sound will reach every corner of your flat and make your windows vibrate. This wired set is one of the best 2.1 computer speaker systems.

4. Sony SRSX5 Review

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These wireless 2.1 speakers are among the most portable and small stylish models in the market. This device is able to connect to you mobile phone with a single touch on the NFC port, you just need to approach the gadget to the speaker in order to link them. Despite being so small, the Sony SRSX5 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System is capable of producing a considerably strong bass sound for its size. It may lack the power of the larger speakers but it has more portability; it is the perfect choice for people who do not want to mess with wires.

Portability, connectivity and speaker size are huge pros to this wireless system. In addition, it is  affordable for most of the casual and regular music listeners. It combines a small subwoofer with the speakers on the other side, all of them hidden inside the refined case. If you look at it from far, the SRS X5 may seem a regular external hard drive because of its elegant appearance which make the speakers invisible from outside.

Another important feature is that it comes along with USB ports which allow you to charge the mobile phones. It can only be connected to other devices by Bluetooth, such as with a computer, smart phone, or tablet. This speaker system is meant to enhance the music experience to a maximum level by taking up the minimal space at home. What’s more, you will not need to move it around the room at all; you will be able to customize your playlist by using your connected device as long as you stay within the Bluetooth range.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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