HTC held a press conference today where they unveiled their brand new series of Windows 8 phone called HTC 8’s. The two models include the 8S and the 8X versions, much like what we saw with the android variants of OneX and OneV. Both the phones are set at two different price points to cater to a specific audience and are running the latest Windows 8 Mobile operating system. One of the major highlight of the event was Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer personally introducing the phones to the audience. This is not the first time we have seen a strong bond between these two companies. As my memory serves, a few years back HTC had a solid tie-up with Microsoft and were primarily known for making high end Windows phones.The past few years, things didn’t work quite well between HTC and Microsoft and the former shifted their attention primarily to android. Now with the launch of Windows 8 the two companies are once again collaborating to bring a unique experience to their end users.

Both the 8X and 8S are designed with elegance in mind. In fact, the smartphone giant just showed a video that focused on their approach, styling and other elements in making such brilliant designs to the table. The phones come in a variety of bright colors, not to mention that they suit quite well with the overall appeal of Windows 8 itself. While the 8X has a 4.3 inch screen its younger brother 8S has a smaller 4 inch screen. Both of them looked fluid smooth when they were demoed in the event. I should also say that the phones despite of their great design looks a lot like the new Nokia Lumia 920 which is also running windows.

Another major feature improvement to the 8 series phones is that they are powered by Beats Audio that makes sound feel more real and accurate. Both the front and back cameras for 8X is full 1080p HD and pictures are looking stunning as usual. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that both the models are running dual core Snapdragon processors, maybe because Windows 8 Mobile is so well optimized that quad core seems unnecessary at this point. We will post full specifications and prices for the products pretty soon. 8X and 8S are expected to be released in mid- November.