Was I the only one who saw this coming, an inevitable move to check on the growing piracy of Adobe softwares? If you are using any of Adobe’s tools for daily needs then you must read this blog post because the new subscription based model will affect millions of graphic designers, web developers, editors etc. throughout the world. Previously you could just pay a flat price and get the software DVD or some license keys to a legit digital download. If you were running a professional organization then you would have bought multiple license keys for each user. However, starting from next month i.e. June 2013, Adobe is shifting to their creative cloud permanently.

Creative cloud is monthly subscription system that lets you use all of Adobe’s software both online and offline. Since you need to download and sync all your stuff to your personal cloud there is hardly any chance of piracy. As a matter of fact I truly believe that this new approach will not only help shape Adobe’s finances but also define new possibilities with the creative cloud users. A monthly plan is sometimes a hell of a lot better than any packaged bundle software. You don’t need to save cash for the next major Adobe update, spend extra money for new softwares, worry about storing your work and the list goes on.

The only thing that you need for a hassle free experience is a fast internet connection and 50 dollars a month. I know that this amount might not sound reasonable especially people living in countries like India, Singapore, China etc. but the amount of help and service that you are getting with the Creative Cloud is unlike anything you have ever experienced in the Adobe ecosystem.

Adobe announced at their Los Angeles MAX Conference that the introduction of creative could late last year was an astounding success. Over half million users joined the new model of getting the latest software and the number count is rising fast. In 2013 the company is shifting to a whole new business structure aimed at providing all their services to anybody. They will also stop updating their CS series like they used to over the last couple of years. Instead, the updates are going to be small, frequent and often driven by user demands.

It would be interesting to see how the entire creative community responds to such a radical change in Adobe’s consumer model. Feel free to comment your thoughts below and let me know how this new system is going to affect you as a designer/developer.