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Music benefits a huge part of our day to day lives without you even realizing it. It has the power to alter mood and tell stories, good or bad. Although everyone’s musical taste is different almost every type of music is capable of providing the listener with some important health benefits. These include brain development and lowering of stress levels. Here are seven ways in which music can benefit your heart, brain and overall health: [no_toc]

1. Music benefits happiness

Different music hits different people in different ways. When you listen to music that strikes a chord in you, it will lead to your brain releasing dopamine which is a chemical known to bring emotions such as joy, happiness and excitement. When it comes to bringing positive vibes, music is on the same level with sex and certain drugs.

2. Music strengthens the heart

Several studies have demonstrated that music plays a role in strengthening the heart and improving the fortunes of patients suffering from heart conditions. Listening to the music you love causes the brain to release endorphins that help boost vascular health. Music has also been used to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety in patients.

3. Improves sleep quality

Anxiety and stress are some of the factors that affect sleep patterns. Since music has the ability to affect both in a positive way, it is definitely a great tool for improving sleep patterns and making people feel more rested. In some cases, music can be an effective treatment for insomnia.

4. Improves the immune system

Music can reduce the levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that weakens the immune system and increases the chances of cardiac disease. According to research, listening to inspiring music for about an hour can boost the levels of antibodies in the body. Your personal preference of music will have a specific positive impact on you.

5. Reduces depression

A Drexel University research study showed that there was a reduction in anxiety in cancer patients who either worked with a music therapist or listened to music. They showed improved blood pressure levels and better moods. Music is great for your psyche and mood and may also reduce pain.

6. Keeps aging brain healthy

Listening to music in the latter stages of a person’s life can keep an aging brain healthy. Listening to music is one way of exercising the brain. Through music, you can expect to reap the benefits of mental sharpness and better memory as you grow older. Even people with different forms of brain damage can regain some access to certain memories by listening to certain music.

7. Music benefits during exercise

Listening to upbeat music as you workout will help you get a greater kick from the exercise. Music also increases the length of time that you work out, especially when it’s motivational. Studies also show that when you work out while listening to up-tempo music, your body uses oxygen much more efficiently than when the tempo is lower. Listening to music during a workout also makes you feel better about exercising. Now grab some earbuds and hit the weights!

Bottom line

Music has the power to lift spirits, capture attention, generate emotions, regulate mood and improve work output. All of these health benefits combined have the net effect of improving an individual’s quality of life considerably.

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