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While we all know exercise is good for our health and well-being, exercise also makes us feel happy. Thanks to the dopamine chemical released into our brains that promotes the feeling of happiness and the many other feel-good factors, such as boosted confidence, reduced anxiety and stress and the feeling of more energy, exercise is great for feeling positive and happy.

A way to make us much happier while exercising is being able to look and feel good without suffering hours and hours of gym pain. Grab a good pair of headphones, and make exercise fun. With these top tips, you can increase your workout effectiveness to maximize the productivity in your workout time. These tricks leave you with much more free time to do the things you enjoy while giving the impression that you’ve been slaving away in the gym for hours.

As with all workouts, remember to start off slowly so as not to put unnecessary stress on your body and give it a chance to adjust to the changes naturally, diving into an intense workout before your body is ready means you are more susceptible to injury or burnout. If you’re ready to see improved workout results with much less gym time, then follow these easy to implement tricks. [no_toc]

By following the same workout all the time, your body will adjust to the workout, and that means you’ll stop seeing the benefits as your body adapts to the muscle stresses of the exercise. Having the same workout will also mean you’ll get bored and will find exercise much less enjoyable. Try and change your workout routine every few weeks or chose a few different exercises to do per week, such as one cardio, one strength and one swim. Typically on the treadmill? – take a run outside, jump on the trampoline, or grab some boxing gloves and hit a punching bag! Adopting variety keeps your workout fresh, interesting and enjoyable.

When engaging in strength or lifting exercises, kill two birds with one stone by engaging your core muscles at the same time. The easiest way to do this is by forcing yourself to balance at the same time as lifting weights. Instead of sitting or leaning or being stabilized while lifting weights, try lifting weights either on one leg or while using a Swiss ball. By engaging your core muscles at the same time as the muscles needed for lifting, it will give your body additional strength, toning more muscles and will allow you to lift more over time. This trick doubles your overall body strength in the time you take just to work on one muscle group – easy and efficient.

By consuming protein before and after a workout, you can significantly help your body. Having protein before a workout increases the flow of amino acids and increases protein synthesis rates which can help muscles to gain strength. A small portion of protein before a workout elevates your amino acid levels, so you are ready to go. Consuming protein after a workout helps to improve your muscles, after muscle training (a workout) muscles are more responsive to muscle-building protein and consuming protein after a workout can help your muscles to grow.

Commonly people focus on one muscle group, complete a set of exercises, rest and repeat. To be more efficient, while resting one set of muscles, work another set. To complete multiple exercises in a circuit routine means you do not have to waste time, resting in between sets (but resting muscle groups is important as it allows your muscles to recover). By the time you have moved onto the second set, you will have given each muscle group the chance to recover, without having to take rests where you are not doing anything. Not only is a circuit training technique much more efficient, but it also offers you a great cardio workout at the same time as strength training. Two-in-one workouts have never been so beneficial.

To make sure that you are getting the most out of your muscles, and body in general, it is important to have good posture or form for each exercise. If you are lifting weights, make sure you adopt a proper form, so you lift correctly without causing injury or muscle damage. With all muscles, you want to train them in the right way so adopting good form from the beginning is essential to stop you from slipping into bad habits. Exercise should improve your body, not cause irreparable damage so whenever you are trying a new exercise whether it’s swimming, workout machines or a sport, seek help through a coach to make sure you start the exercise properly, correctly and safely.

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By following these five good practices, you can not only save time in your workout but also enjoy fitness safely and correctly, meaning you are less likely to need time off because of injury. After all, the way to an effective fitness regime is one that is fun, enjoyable and does no damage. Make your workout smart, and you will make vast improvements while having more time for fun, rest and relaxation.

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