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Video games have received a lot of flak over the years due to fears that they can be too addictive and also lead to obesity and social isolation. But there is evidence that shows that gaming could be beneficial to children. They may help them develop literary, logical and social skills, among others. Here are 15 surprising benefits of playing video games: [no_toc]

1. Improvement of cognitive function

Certain video games have shown to improve brain processing, attention skills and overall cognitive functions. This mostly applies to games that encourage creativity and limit the gamer to his or her imagination.

2. Improved social skills

More and more people are using video games as a way to meet and bond with other video game enthusiasts online. While gaming was previously an anti-social activity, this narrative has changed in recent years.

3. Gamers acquire quick decision making skills

Players are always being forced to adapt to lots of new information in the course of a game. The faster they have to respond, the more they exercise their brains to make quicker decisions.

4. Video games help to reduce unhealthy cravings

A video game is a great way to distract a person from unhealthy habits such as smoking, overeating or drinking. Playing a puzzle game will help you to avoid your most common vice.

5. Games as pain relief

Getting immersed in a game is a great way to get distracted from pain. Moreover, playing a video game helps to produce a pain-killing response in the system.

6. Fascination with history

Games that are driven by historical events are great for sparking an interest to learn history. For example, such games make children much more engaged in learning.

7. Slowing the aging process

Games that involve problem-solving tasks have great benefits, especially for older gamers. Several hours of play go a long way in improving cognitive functions in participants older than 50 years.

8. Stress reduction

Science has proven that playing video games helps to reduce stress. Surprisingly, violent games can be used to help people handle frustrations in their real life better. Although the opposite argument is also valid, the arguments in favor of video games are more compelling.

9. Gamers are less likely to bully

Games have been shown to reduce bullies’ motivations to bully in some instances. A study proved that bullies who controlled the villain’s behaviors in a game displayed some remorse for their actions.

10. Interest in physical activity

Sport-based video games can lead to children developing an interest in games like basketball, skateboarding, tennis, football and others.

11. Career boost

Certain game genres give rewards for leadership traits. Research shows that players show the same motivations in real life. Game skills can be applied in the work environment when problems crop up.

12. Improvement of vision

Games require high observation skills to coordinate different items on different parts of the screen. Gamers distinguish different shades of colors much faster and more accurately comparing to those who don’t play games.

13. Games improve surgical skills

A study of small incision specialists showed that those doctors who played video games for several hours per week made fewer errors during surgical procedures. Doctors also use video games to “warm up” before going into surgery.

14. Improved balance in people with nerve disorders

A study of patients with multiple sclerosis showed there were improvements in patients who were involved in video games that required a bit of physical interaction.

15. Forging deeper friendships

Gaming conventions show great opportunities to forge friendships with new people. It provides a platform for people to discover other things that they have in common.

Note: Please do not forget that everything is good in moderation. As much as there are benefits in playing video games, it does not mean you should spend full days just playing.

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