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The technology in earbuds has improved to such a point that many top-rated products can be found for under $200. There are several advantages to using earphones, including their portability, external noise reduction, and high-quality sound.

Because of the many advantages, earbuds are quickly replacing the standard headphone design. Nowadays, high-quality earbuds are more often seen out-and-about. Small sized earphones can be seen by those jogging, shopping in the mall, reading the newspaper, or simply doing their laundry.

If you are serious about listening to music and do not want to disturb those sitting around you, you need to make sure to look for the best earbuds, which are capable of reproducing sound without leaking into the environment around you. Generally, the best earbuds are great when it comes to noise-isolation capabilities, because of their in-ear design. Before you go out and make a purchase, you should consider a few things:

The PurposeThe BudgetAestheticsExtra Features

Technical Specifications: You must take note of the technical specifications of the earbuds when making your purchase, including the frequency range, impedance, as well as sensitivity.


Now that you know what to look for in the best earbuds, it will be much easier for you to make your decision. Let us now have a look at some of the earbuds you can purchase without stretching your budget too much. These earbuds can be purchased for under $200, and will provide you with an excellent quality of sound.

1. Sony MDREX310LP In-Ear Headphones Review

Sony is not new to the world of entertainment, which produces everything from very expensive high-definition television sets to some of the smallest, cheapest earbuds. Sony is synonymous with the best quality, and is always delivering cutting-edge products. The Sony MDREX310LP in-ear headphones are just another example of such technology – these earbuds are built with powerful drivers, resulting in a unique soundscape that can pack a punch.

Their incredible sound isolation capabilities, accompanied with superior levels of comfort, makes these earbuds a great fit for any person and for any occasion. The MDREX310LP earbuds come in two colors – white or black, and their uniquely angled design allows them to comfortably rest in your ears. Overall, we found these earphones to be extremely light weight, and compact in design.

With 13.5 mm Neodymium drivers and an OFC Neckchain style cable, you can listen to your favorite music tangle-free. The Gold-plated Angled 3.5 mm plug allows simple connection to your audio device, and won’t be yanked out in your pocket. The Sony MDREX310LP earbuds are hard to compete with in terms of their overall sound fidelity, noise isolation capabilities, and comfortable design.

2. AKG K391NC High-Performance Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones Review

AKG is not new to the world of speakers, or phone accessories. Through external appearance alone, the AKG K391NC high-performance noise-cancelling in-ear headphones may look simple and straightforward, they are responsible for some heavy-hitting serious bass, and distortion-free crispy clear mids and highs.

An inline microphone and remote control is easy to access – the mic is one of the best we’ve heard on a set of earbuds when it comes to call quality on the receivers end. The AKG K391NC can be considered more of an in-ear headphone than some standard earbuds, as they fit perfectly into ear canal. These AKG’s are highly favored across the internet, and are some of the most effective noise cancelling headphones on the market. Its sleek and compact design allows for easy use while traveling or working out at the gym.

These earbuds are equipped with the latest noise-cancellation technology, which automatically detects external sounds, and then compensates with the correct frequency range, effectively “cancelling out” ambient noise. The AKG K391NC’s are some of the best noise-cancelling earbuds out right now.

3. Bang and Olufsen Play EarSet 3i Review

What allows the Earset 3i earphones to stand apart from the rest is their light weight design, and wrap-around fit. These earphones are constructed from aluminum, which results in a light, yet  sturdy frame build. The Earset 3i earphones are designed  with rear ear-hooks, made from a soft, pliable, glossy robber – providing maximum comfort.

You can wear your Earset 3i earphones in a number of ways, as there are a number of adjustments the consumer can make. You can adjust the horizontal and vertical angle the earbuds sit at, and you can also lift the rubber ear-hooks. No matter the ear size, these earphones will conform, resulting a very secure fit.

With an impedance of 19 Ohms, a low frequency of 50 Hz ranging to a high frequency of 20 kHz, the Earset 3i nearly cover the entire audible spectrum. If you chose to forgo our first two picks because of the need for some external noise to be heard, the Bang and Olufsen Play EarSet 3i’s are a great choice – they aren’t top in their class when it comes to noise isolation. Be warned if you plan on using these in noisy environments.

4. Philips Fidelio S2BK/28 In-Ear Headsets Earbuds Review

The Philips Fidelio S2BK/28 earbuds are great for those looking for a little extra bass in their music, as these deliver some excellent bass. These earbuds, like the Sony’s we reviewed above, contain powerful 13.5mm Neodymium drivers, and a cable that is made up of pure copper. These earbuds also excel in passive noise isolation capabilities, resulting in a precise, hard-hitting bass response. And we can’t forget about the sparkling mids and highs, which shine in their own light.

Impressive sound quality, accompanied with a compact design and a perfect fit, these earbuds are just another excellent choice. The Philips Fidelio S2BK/28 earbuds are available in black and white colors. Three interchangeable rubber ear-tips are provided, along with a protective case for easy travel. The flat cable is great. No more worrying about having to untangle – simply plug and play.

5. Puro Sound Labs IEM500 Studio Grade In-Ear Monitors Review

The Puro Sound Labs IEM500 Studio Grade In-Ear Monitors are different than the other in-ear monitors available in the market as they come with dual dynamic phase-optimized drivers. They contain a woofer, a customer driver and a tweeter in each channel.

The increased mid-bass energy that is automatically generated in any in-ear device is controlled by the phase-optimizers provided with these in-ear monitors. Another great feature about these in-ear monitors is the use of the patented Puro Balanced Response Curve technology which helps to provide studio-grade sound to the users. You will be able to enjoy full and rich bass accompanied with crystalline vocals. You won’t hear any of the frequency distortions that are found in most of the earbuds found in the market these days.

Another feature that allows them to stand out from the rest is the use of a fantastic seal, which blocks background noise quite effectively. The Puro Sound Labs IEM500 Studio Grade In-Ear Monitors come with five different ear tips to provide a perfect fit. Because of this perfect fit, you are able to experience minimum background noise. The in-line mic and remote control provided also add to the value.

6. HIFIMAN RE-600 Songbird High Performance In-Ear Monitor Review

The HiFiMAN Company believes in making only high-end products, the HIFIMAN RE-600 Songbird High Performance In-Ear Monitor is an award winning pair of in-ear monitors for people who love to listen to the best sonic reproduction. Besides providing high-quality sound, the HIFIMAN RE-600 Songbird High Performance In-Ear Monitor comes with a lot of goodies.

Unlike other earbuds, these earphones come in only one color and in an elegant and simple design. The earbuds, the cables and the jackets are all of top quality and are built to last. As far as the sound department is concerned, these headphones excel in low end, middle notes and higher registry. If you do not prefer too much bass, and like to listen to the raw vibes and lower registry, the HIFIMAN RE-600 Songbird High Performance In-Ear Monitor is a perfect match for you.

This does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy listening to rap or any other bass intensive music, but you will be able to enjoy a much clearer audio sound in other genres. For some more powerful bass, check out one of our other top picks above.

7. Audio-Technica ATH-CKR10 SonicPro In-Ear Headphones Review

Because of the presence of the world’s first dual phase push-pull driver system, the Audio-Technica ATH-CKR10 SonicPro In-Ear headphones are able to provide high-resolution audio. It is because of this push-pull dual phase driver, that you are able to experience life-like sound through these in-ear headphones.

For rigidity and reduction in unwanted vibration, the ATH-CKR10 comes with metal-coated titanium housing. For a better low-frequency response, these in-ear headphones come with a bass acoustic resister and for a better high-frequency response, a stainless steel acoustic resister is also provided. In order to make sure that these earbuds fit perfectly in your ears, you will also be able to find four sizes of interchangeable eartips inside the package.

8. Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 Review

There are so many great things about the Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 headphones that may take the whole page to write, but in short some of the nice things about them include their wireless capability. The Powerbeats2 wireless Bluetooth capability lets you enjoy your workout in the gym or do your jogging in the park without worrying about the hanging wires.

The wireless Bluetooth technology empowers you to listen to your favorite music with the use of any wires from a distance of up to 30 feet from the audio device. With a 15 minute quick recharge, and a backup timing of more than 6 hours, you will be able to stay focused on your workout and move freely. The specially designed earbuds provided with the Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 are sweat and water resistant, so you will not feel disturbed by the sweat while wearing these earphones. No doubt the Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 Bluetooth headphones are perfectly designed, keeping athletes in mind.

9. Monster Cable Earth Wind and Fire Gratitude In-Ear Headphones Review

They may look so different from their external appearance, but they are built that way for a solid reason, the uniqueness. You won’t be able to find such stylish and rose gold finish earphones in the market. There are so many great things about these in-ear headphones, but the most attractive thing about them is the packing that they come in.

Besides the eye-catching packing, these in-ear headphones offer you richness and complexity of music as if you are in the middle to things. If you are fond of listening to great music, you surely deserve the best in-ear headphones, and the Monster Cable Earth Wind and Fire Gratitude In-ear headphones can instantly reproduce transients and instrument harmonics with perfect clarity.

With the GRATITUDE – an advanced headphone technology, used in these in-ear headphones, you will  hear concert-quality music in your ears. These in-ear headphones come fully equipped with the inline mic and a controller to make your music listening experience more enjoyable.

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