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People who find themselves surrounded by desktop or laptop computers most of the time, whether doing official or school work or amusing themselves by watching movies, playing games or listening to music quickly get fed up. One of the main reasons for getting fed up with desktop computer is the low quality of sound that comes from the built-in computers and the low quality of picture that is produced by the built-in graphic card. If somehow you are able to upgrade your computer with a latest sound card or desktop speaker system and/or latest graphic card, you can easily take your movie watching, game playing or music listening experience to the next level and will surely start spending hours in front of your computers without getting bored.

Computers have dominated our society over the past few years; they are everywhere, in the offices, in homes, in schools, in businesses and any other place you can think of. The modern breed of computers not only helps in completing a lot of office work, school assignments and business plans in an efficient way, they also serve as a good source of entertainment. Purchasing a pair of the best desktop speakers can serve to be a wiser decision in the longer term as you will not have to purchase a separate DVD player, home theater system, a CD player or a gaming console, when you can accomplish all the tasks through your computer – all you need is a pair of good desktop speakers, a big LCD monitor and a good graphic card. With such a setup you will be able to enjoy Cinema like atmosphere and sound quality in your own home and you will feel as if you are listening to live music, just make sure that you buy the best desktop speakers available in the market.

Below you will find a chart of the top-rated desktop speakers, along with individual product reviews.

Think Before You Purchase Your Desktop Speakers

As different speakers are designed for different purposes, the desktop computers are specifically designed to be used with the laptop or desktop computers and while you look for them in the market place or on the net, you need to keep the following things in mind:


You should purchase a desktop speaker set depending on the purpose you use your desktop or laptop computer for. People who use their computers mainly for doing office work and occasionally for entertainment purposes, need not spend hundreds of dollars on these desktop speakers. However, if you intend to use your computer mainly for watching movies, listening to music and/or playing computer games, you need to find the best desktop speakers and be prepared to spend some extra money to get a better configuration.


There is so much variety available when you go looking for desktop speakers. These speakers come in a lot of variations like 2.0 speaker set which comes with only 2 loud speakers, 2.1 which means you get to enjoy music though two speakers and a woofer. There are so many other options you can choose, like 3.1, 4.1 and 5.1 speakers. You can choose the one depending on your requirements, space availability and your budget.


There are a number of people out there who pay equal importance to the physical appearance and beauty of the speakers as they pay to the technical specifications. Depending on the space available to put these desktop speakers, you need to look for certain shapes, designs and features.

Extra Features

Some desktop speakers also come with extra features like Bluetooth technology, remote control and fancy stands. Although these extra features are handy at times, they come with a price tag.


Once you are clear about your purpose and know what you need to have in your desktop speaker, you can easily shorten your search. Another aspect to further squeeze your search is to fix a budget range and look for desktop within that range. The amount of money you are willing to spend on purchasing desktop speakers can be a strong factor in short listing them.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to start looking for your next desktop speakers. End your search with the following desktop speakers, which are considered to be the best in terms of performance, price, reliability and appearance.

Audioengine A2+ Review

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The Audioengine A2+ Premium Powered Desktop Speakers are the latest version of the older model A2 by Audioengine, which rocked the market for many years. Although both the models, the A2 and A2+ look same from their physical appearance, however there is a great difference in the sound quality. This is because of the presence of an integrated DAC (a built-in digital-to-analog converter) which ensures high quality sound regardless of the kind of track or input device. Because of its simplicity and use of latest technology, the A2+ now can offer excellent sound quality.

You can also easily connect a subwoofer with the Audioengine A2+ Premium Powered Desktop Speakers and go wireless by using the Audioengine W3 adapter. Connect these desktop speakers with your computer of any other iDevice and enjoy the thrilling sound quality. These speakers come in very attractive colors, you can choose from white, black and red color to match your surroundings. These speakers also come with an auto-standby mode, which is a rare thing in most of the desktop speakers; this allows the speaker system to go to standby mode whenever it is idle which allows conserving the power.

YU2GR Powered Review

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If you crave for crisp and bold sound from your desktop speakers, the YU2GR Powered Desktop Speakers are one of the best choices for you. With an output of 25 W delivered by each channel, these speakers can reproduce any sound that can easily fill any room size. A built-in DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and a 3.5 mm AUX input is included with these speakers which ensures that you can connect them with your computer and bypass computer’s noisy DAC. The YU2GR Powered Desktop Speakers are specifically designed to enhance your desktop audio experience.

With ¾ “ silk doom tweeters, 0.5 mm stereo mini-jack AUX Input, 3” Kevlar drivers, USB Audio Input, acoustic grade MDF cabinets Class D Amplifiers, subwoofer output, 50 Watts total output and active to passive knurled speaker binding posts, these speakers can provide you everything you need in a perfect sound system. Besides these features, you can also enjoy a perfect reproduction of sound thanks to the 4 Ohms nominal Impedance, class D amplifiers and 84 dB of speaker sensitivity. These speakers are designed and assembled in Canada, so there is no issue about the quality of the product and they are available in 10 different colors, all of them come with smooth matte and piano finishes.

Logitech X620 6.1 Review

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The Logitech X620 6.1 Computer Speakers with Surround Sound are unique in the sense that they come with 6 satellite speakers and a powerful central subwoofer. With these speakers in your possession, you can take your gaming, movie watching or music listening experience to the next level. You will be able to enjoy not only crisp highs and mid range but you will also be able to feel the difference in bass quality, thanks to the patented subwoofers and the sleek “Z” shaped design of the 6 satellite speakers, which can be placed at different locations in the room to create a genuine surround sound impact.

The Logitech X620 6.1 Computer Speakers can be easily hooked with your Sony PlayStation or Sony PlayStation2, you can also hook them with Xbox or Xbox 360 using the stereo RCA cables and enjoy your game sounds in a truly amazing surround sound system. The 6 satellite speakers along with the 8” subwoofer, you will be able to enjoy a total of 70 watts of output and 140 peak watts. You can easily hang these satellite speakers to a wall or put them on the shelf to create a truly amazing surround sound atmosphere.

Mackie CR3 Review

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The Mackie CR3 3-Inch Creative Pair of Reference Multimedia Monitors are able to offer unmatched sound performance without occupying a lot of space. So, if you are running short on space, but you do not want to compromise on the sound quality, you can go with these Multimedia monitors. These are called Multi-media monitors because you can use them with any sound source, be it your TV, your computer, your gaming console or your iPad. These speakers are compatible with all such devices and are able to produce the same quality of sound that can easily amuse any music lover.

This is made possible because of the use of premium quality components and solid all-wood cabinets. For better sound dispersion a crystal clear stereo imaging, these speakers are provided with the ¾” silk dome tweeters. The class A/B amplifier which offers 14 watts RMS and a peak SPL of 97 dB, these speakers are able to deliver excellent sound quality, whether you are creating your new album or simply enjoying your game. A front panel LED ring and illuminated on/off switch gives these speakers a nice modern look and feel.

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