top 15 automotive bloggers
Automotive blogs are localized car communities where visitors can congregate and discuss everything from the best type of oil to use, to the upcoming car releases. There are literally thousands of them out there, but which are worth your time? As a petrol-head myself, it’s safe to say that I’ve read a fair few car blogs over the years and I decided to summarize my favorite fifteen automotive bloggers in this article. Some are updated daily and others monthly. However, they are all well-written and contain high-quality information that is definitely worth a read.

Pamela Induni

Brian and Pamela Induni are a car-crazy couple who decided to turn their burning passion for classic cars into a world-renowned company and blog. While classic cars have always been a passion for Brian, Pamela revealed in one article that, to begin with, she wasn’t into them at all, however, grew to love them as her and Brian’s relationship blossomed. Coming from the world of high-tech, she loves their company’s focus of blending modern technology with traditional craftsmanship to help owners maintain originality and yet meet the needs of modern reliability – to help keep these pieces of history on the road. She often writes about the journey from passenger to driver, in an attempt to inspire men and women alike to follow in their partner’s footsteps.

Michael & Linda Gray

Michael was born into a car-loving family, with his parents owning a service station. Ever since he was old enough to walk and talk he’s been fascinated with cars and the way they work, often helping to troubleshoot and repair cars at the family business. Before going down the academic path and obtaining a Master’s Degree, Mike worked in various car-related stores and companies, which fueled his love for automotive even more.

His partner and devoted wife, Linda, was also interested in cars at an early age, with her family running an upholstery business that meant she was often around cars. Lynda achieved engineering excellence when, at the University of Redlands, she made a fully working hybrid car with her classmates.

After co-writing ten amazing books on team teaching, Michael decided to start Auto Upkeep Blog with Linda, which they fill with in-depth and informative articles on all things automotive.

Chris Burdick

Way, way back, in 2006, Chris Burdick started the small-time site, which is now among our top fifteen favorites, eleven years later. It’s one of the biggest blogs on this list, with literally thousands of articles ranging from car reviews, upcoming car tech discussions, and insider news; making it an amazing place that thousands of different automotive fans can gather.

Dhina Darshna Maniam

After working for Air India for a number of years, and falling love with engines and engineering, Dhina started up his own car blog, which has grown immensely popular amongst the community. His unique, informative and anecdotal articles entertain thousands of readers daily and his insight on the Asian Car Scene is really interesting to read about. If you’re looking for a quirky and exciting blog based around Asian Automotive, then is the place to be!

Jody Standridge

If you’re a fan of NASCAR, you probably recognize Billy Standridge, who was an amazing car enthusiast and racing driver who sadly lost the battle against cancer in 2014. Before NASCAR, Billy was a prominent businessman who ran various auto shops and salvage yards, which his three daughters have now inherited. Jody has taken charge of the blog, keeping it updated with regular industry news as well as in-depth guides and car tips, while her two sisters Deedra and Stacey look after Standridge Auto Parts and all of the other successful businesses that the family has branched out into.

Mark Simons

Like I mentioned earlier on, it’s often the case that these blog owners grew up around cars, and that’s certainly the case here! Mark took over his family business, Rolf’s Import Auto Service, and since then he has turned the small-time, Lakewood-based, business into a global name amongst automotive fans, with a blog that covers literally everything you could possibly think of relating to cars. Is your car making a suspicious noise when you corner? Ralf’s is the place to go. Do you need gift ideas for your car-crazy husband? Ralf’s is the place to go!

Andy Lilienthal

From Portland, Oregon, Andy Lilienthal manages his flourishing car blog, Subcompact Culture, which features hundreds – if not thousands – of in-depth car reviews, discussions about upcoming cars and shows, gear guides, and everything else that you could possibly want from a car blog. He’s a proud member of the Northwest Automotive Press Association (NWAPA) and it’s safe to say that he’s achieved his goal of creating a site that caters to all car enthusiasts, something which has won him countless top blog awards. For this reasons, Andy is one of my favorite automotive bloggers.

Joe Sherlock
joe sherlock

Joe’s love of art and cars is what made him decide to start JoeSherlock, and I’m glad he did! Ever since the age of four Joe has been painting and drawing cars, progressing to actually drive a car at thirteen, a passion which followed him into his career as a Mechanical Engineer and successful businessman, growing his small-time acrylic manufacturing company into the largest in North America, which gave him the financial freedom to comfortably retire and continue with his passion for cars. His blog is a place for him to document and record his experiences in the car world, and I’s incredibly interesting to read his anecdotal thoughts

Steve & Karen Johnston
all about automotive

Shortly after graduating from Mount Hood Community College with a degree in Automotive technology, Steve Johnston began working as a skilled, freelance technician at an independent shop, as well as various Ford dealerships and even working on heavy machinery out in Alaska. His love of cars is what eventually led him to open up his own shop, called “All About Automotive”, in his hometown of Gresham, in 2000. After providing an amazing experience for many years Steve decided to share his knowledge on an online blog, which is now one of the biggest in the automotive scene. It’s clear that Steve and his whole team are incredibly passionate about what they do, and it really shows in the amazing, informative content on their blog.

Frank Mares

Frank has been madly in love with cars for most of his life, and at the very young age of fourteen, he purchased a 1961 Triumph Spitfire, as well as a 35 mm Argus camera, which fueled his love of cars even more and allowed him to document his adventures. Years later, after owning tens of amazing, classic cars, Frank decided to start up a blog, amber light garage, which was a platform for him to showcase his love for photography and passion for cars. His articles are incredibly in-depth and factual, and it’s clear to see that he loves what he does!

Unlike some of the other automotive blogs out there, Frank has not given into corporate pressure and sponsorship deals, and it’s clear to see that he writes about what he loves, not what people are paying him to say. This unique and unbiased viewpoint is what I personally love about AmberLightGarage!


As I’m sure you can tell by the blog name, Chris is a massive fan of Fiat 500’s. Starting the unofficial blog back in 2009 Chris could never have imagined that his passion would be loved by so many others, however, eight years later, it’s safe to say that this is the case.

Since his fiat-themed blog started to take off a couple of years ago, Chris has branched out into more Social Platforms, like YouTube and Instagram, and he’s now considered an authority by the vast majority of automotive fans. If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with the world of Fiat, then Chris’ blog is for you!

Chris Raymond

Live life in the fast lane has always been Chris Raymond’s ethos, and you’d be hard pushed to find someone who’s into cars more than him. One of his first cars was the explosively powerful Jaguar V12, which makes me envious just to write about!

His blog is a place for him to combine his love of cars with his knack for photography, and it’s gone down a storm amongst car fans, like myself. His articles always start really interesting and in-depth discussions from other car fanatics, which is what makes the site stand out from the others on this list. If you are interested in a site with a quality fanbase as well as great content by an amazing writer, Chris On Cars is the place to visit.

Caroline Ecklin

Just like most of the other blog creators on this list, Caroline Ecklin has been surrounded by cars since an early age, and is very much a petrol-head! Back in 2010, she started racing at Skip Barber’s race school, earning her license three years later in 2013.

Her amazing blog (Chicmoto) aims to show people how racing really isn’t as daunting or scary as people think, and that anyone can do it. She also hopes to encourage more young people and women to get involved with the automotive scene, with some amazing articles aimed at beginners explaining practically everything that you might need to know.

Elayne Kling

For 25 years Elayne was the proud owner of one of Manhattan’s best auto repair shop, which regularly repaired the cars of A-list celebrities as well as the NYPD. After years of honing her skills in the shop, she decided to start up her blog, which she now fills with articles that aim to inspire women drivers to get into the automotive scene. Her articles about the mistreatment in the car world have gone down a storm, bringing in thousands of readers from all corners of the globe.

Her work doesn’t stop there, though! As well as countless articles about getting into the world of cars, she also has some amazing tutorials aimed at people who already own cars, which range from removing dents from your car to maintaining your electric car, which has earnt her countless blog awards.

Kristin Cline

After becoming her daily driver, Kristin Cline decided to dedicate her blog, appropriately name Grease Girl, to her beloved 1955 Studebaker Champion. Her love for classic cars comes from the mesmerizing, smooth designs and stylish-curves that have been replaced for economical aluminum boxes as the years have gone bye. Her site showcases her love for the contemporary, classic designs that cars once possessed, and she too aims to encourage more women drivers. [no_toc]