What Is Pickleball? A Breakdown of This Growing Sport

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You've heard of it, but until now you've never really considered it. After all, what is pickleball? Surely people aren't throttling pickles across a tennis court. Or are they? Let's find out. ​What Is Pickleball? So, what is pickleball? The really simple explanation is that pickleball is like ping pong [...]

Best Gaming Headset Under $100

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Along with high-speed and lag-free internet, and an excellent gaming router, nothing else will make the gaming experience more realistic than immersion into the sounds of the game. It gives you that eerie feeling when your character enters a haunted mansion, or pumps you up when attacking your enemy’s base. [...]

Best Gaming TV

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That sober moment when you realize that your current television, having been a source of copious amount of joy for years, is just not up to par any longer. If you recently ordered a next-gen new gaming console like the PS4 and cannot stand the thought of plugging it up [...]

Best Gaming Chair

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We love our titles. There is even a sense of pride in it. Therefore, when we decide to spend countless hours to progress in or finish a title, we should be able to do so comfortably whilst soaking in as much pleasure as we possibly can. One huge benefit of [...]

Best PC Gaming Controller

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Gaming is a fun and relaxing pastime, or so it’s supposed to be. Since your choice of gaming console defines who you are in the gaming community, you better think long and hard before you get yourself one. Getting an Xbox One means you are a loud player who wants [...]

Best Gaming Laptop

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It may seem like there are quite a few different reasons to not buy a gaming laptop, especially when a desktop would be so much cheaper and a lot easier to upgrade. A lot of gamers decide to get a desktop for gaming if they cannot afford to spend a [...]

Best PS4 Gaming Headset

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The Playstation Network has come a long way since it was launched back in 2006. While the Xbox Live subscription service initially towered over the Playstation Network, Sony continued to improve the service until it has caught up and in other aspects, surpassed its competition. Now with a robust online [...]

Best Virtual Reality Headset

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Virtual Reality is a concept term that has existed since the early 90s. Back then, virtual reality consisted of the sci-fi horror film, The Lawnmower Man, to 3D models on computer monitors. Things since then have gotten a bit more complicated and simpler at the same time - the technology [...]

Best Gaming Mouse

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More often than not, individuals will spend thousands of dollars creating the best gaming setup they can. Bringing everything together, they install their favorite game, and then get started. The only trouble is, that despite having an impressive rig, their mouse is still the same old mouse they used before. [...]

Best Capture Card

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Accomplishments are great, but they’re even better when they can be shared with others. This especially holds true in the gaming world. The gaming community is no longer limited to solo game-play. In fact, gaming has taken social media by surprise – Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, and YouTube are some of [...]

Best Gaming Keyboard

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If you want to improve your gaming abilities significantly, it is important that you take the time to look into some of the different gaming keyboard options you have. There are a number of things that you will get with a gaming keyboard that you will not with others, such [...]

Best Projector for Gaming

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Gamers have eccentric needs: more so, than any group of consumers targeted by manufacturers. Everything from video game consoles, to PC processors, to gameplay and in between, has received huge updates over time; basically because the scales are lifted higher and the consumer-base always screams for more. Hence, for gamers [...]

Best Router for Gaming

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You’re in the middle of an online gaming tourney with participants from countries you’ve never been to, and suddenly the game freezes on you with the error message “Connection Lost.” As a gamer, if you have never been this unfortunate before, you are one lucky bud. Preventing these scenarios and [...]

Best Gaming Headsets

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Whether you are listening carefully for the footsteps of your foes or chatting with your pals, your ears deserve to have the best gaming headset around. The best headset shouldn’t just produce balanced and clear sound, but it must have the right microphone for chatting and should be comfortable when [...]

Best Graphics Card

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a video editor, graphic designer or a video gamer; you’re going to want a nice laptop or desktop computer with vast graphics capabilities. Typically the graphics chipset that comes with a computer is integrated into the CPU or the motherboard. This can also be called [...]

Best Xbox One Gaming Headset

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One of the primary draws of the Xbox One, is the Xbox community and the Xbox Live gaming network. Xbox Live is the go-to online service for gamers who are looking for a more robust and entertaining multiplayer experience. Voice chatting while playing provides a sense of camaraderie that blends [...]

Best Gaming Speakers

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Finding the best gaming speakers requires a technical language or skill of sorts, in order to identify what characteristics to look for in the best speakers. Sound is one of the most important aspects to consider in view of the fact that the great sound improves the gaming based on [...]

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets

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The world of gaming has come a long way in the past few years. There have been tremendous improvements in various aspects of games, including the quality of the graphics, design and storyline. In fact, some games may feel as real as movies, or similar to even real life experiences. [...]