Best TV Under $500

2019-02-13T04:12:01+00:00By |TV|

There are plenty of reasons why you would be looking for a great TV in the $500 range: Say your current TV is about outliving its usefulness, has already crossed the Rubicon, or you just want to get something more contemporary without splurging a lot of cash. The selection of [...]

Best Gaming TV

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That sober moment when you realize that your current television, having been a source of copious amount of joy for years, is just not up to par any longer. If you recently ordered a next-gen new gaming console like the PS4 and cannot stand the thought of plugging it up [...]

Best 32 Inch TV

2019-08-05T16:01:30+00:00By |TV|

Take a brief look at the head-turning headlines in the TV segment in recent years and you can easily identify a pattern. Mammoth-sized screens, curved display, ultra-thin form factors, 3D, and the list continues. The poster child of these technologies is always a big, impressive display size. The media loves [...]

Best 4K TV Under $1000

2019-08-06T12:02:20+00:00By |TV|

Chances are that you have heard all the fanfare about 4K. But then, there was fanfare when HD came on the scene, and Full HD after that. Nonetheless, 4K is a remarkable technology that offers scintillating viewing experience. It is safe to say that what it offers matches the hype [...]

Best 50 Inch TV

2019-08-06T11:00:34+00:00By |TV|

Big screen TVs are all the rage today. They usually sport the best features, offer the most enthralling viewing experiences, and push new breathtaking innovations mainstream. As long as you can make out the space for it, there is practically no reason holding you back from purchasing one. However, the [...]

Best TV

2018-09-12T12:45:25+00:00By |TV|

You have probably heard it making the rounds in some marketing campaign. The future of TV screen technology: 4K. The current standard is 1080p Full HD. To paint a clear picture, both are resolution standards. However, the 4K Ultra HD standard has four times more pixels than the 1080p FHD [...]

Best 70 Inch (+) TV

2018-01-10T21:40:10+00:00By |TV|

70-inch (+) TVs are incredible in every sense of the word. You probably already know that, since you are committed to finding the best model available. However, your search should not be all about the spec sheet. TVs in the 70-inch or greater segment carry a sizable price tag too. [...]