Best Modem Router Combo

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Every once in a while, a ‘Swiss army knife’ of equipment graces the store shelves. From mobile phones that have cameras baked in, to TVs that have an in-built DVD player, to All-In-One PCs like the iMac. Often times, these hybrid devices come in handy. At other times, they are [...]

Best Wireless Access Point

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What is a Wireless Access Point? A device whose primary function is to serve as a link between wireless devices and a wired network is known as a wireless access point (AP). The connection standard with which the wireless devices may connect to the wired network through the wireless AP [...]

Best Router

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The internet is an exciting invention. More so, that for many businesses and homes, the Internet is necessary for smooth operations and living conditions. For optimum efficiency, the internet connection has to be fast, reliable, and secure. A router is a central device that enables these qualities to be mainstay [...]

Best Router Under $100

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Today, it is difficult to imagine a home or a business office without a router. Routers are very important in a multi-device setting, allowing the sharing of an internet connection for several devices at the same time. The reason for purchasing a router may then be either to tap into [...]

Best Router for Gaming

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You’re in the middle of an online gaming tourney with participants from countries you’ve never been to, and suddenly the game freezes on you with the error message “Connection Lost.” As a gamer, if you have never been this unfortunate before, you are one lucky bud. Preventing these scenarios and [...]

Best Router for Multiple Devices

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The idea behind a wireless router is straightforward: allow several devices to connect to one network wirelessly. This idea is basic, convenient and indeed a welcome departure from complex wire webs created by the need for many wired connections. While all routers perform this function to a degree, many routers [...]

Best Wi-Fi Repeater

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What is a Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender? Specifically, a Wi-Fi Repeater or extender is a device that connects to an existing Wi-Fi network and re-broadcasts the existing network through its own Wi-Fi network. As the name suggests, its main purpose is to “extend” or “repeat” the existing Wi-Fi network. Of course, there [...]

Best VPN Router

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What is a VPN? VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. It refers to a technology in networking that permits a user to create a secure connection (a private network) across another network. The network over which a VPN is created may be public (the Internet) or private (owned [...]