Cheap Earbuds (Best Under $50)

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Selecting the best headphones or earbuds to buy can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for; even if you do, it can often be very time-consuming and a lot of headaches. Unfortunately, most products on the market are just average, especially when it comes to best earbuds [...]

Best Laptop Cooling Pad

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Laptops offer flexibility for your computing needs. You can work, edit video, or play games without having to stay glued in front of a desktop computer. Laptops have undergone a lot of innovations in the past few years. They are now smaller, lighter, and thus, more portable. More importantly, they [...]

The Best Mount for Your Car

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The Best Mount for Your Car Image Source: PixabayWhen it comes to driving and technology they go hand in hand. With cars now having the capability to be smart cars, our attention is at a greater risk of not being on the road. Also, there is always that one distracted [...]

Best Dash Cams

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Thinking about adding a dash cam to your car interior? It might not be as easy as you think. We’ll walk you through the rules, regulations, and products you’ll want to know about before you get started. Here’s what you need to know to find the best dash cam for [...]

Best TV Under $500

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There are plenty of reasons why you would be looking for a great TV in the $500 range: Say your current TV is about outliving its usefulness, has already crossed the Rubicon, or you just want to get something more contemporary without splurging a lot of cash. The selection of [...]

Best Projector Under $1000

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In the projector industry, there is a device at every price point. From the very expensive sporting next-gen innovations to the very cheap variants that are barely functional. Cost range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Nonetheless, there is a dicey relationship between performance and price. [...]

3 Best Waterproof Cameras

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The best waterproof cameras have a variety of features and design characteristics that make them the perfect traveling companions for most outdoor activities, regardless of whether or not submerging it in water is on the agenda. Whether you find yourself covered in snow while climbing up Mount Rainier, swimming with [...]

7 Best Bluetooth Headphones

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You might be looking for Bluetooth headphones because you no longer want the hassle of the cord constantly getting in your way. Most modern devices are Bluetooth enabled, including iPhone's, iPad's and the majority of other Android smartphones and laptops. Bluetooth headphones allow the listener to move a short distance [...]

6 Best Laptops

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There have been a lot of recent changes in the laptop market over the past few years, and there is always the possibility that there would be some confusion as to the kind of notebook that you need to purchase. After all, today’s models consist of everything starting from the [...]

Best 3D Printer

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While 3D printing may be reserved in your mind as something that only exists in the future, you may be surprised to know that these printers are currently used in many different industries (home-use has become much more common in recent years as well). An additive process is carried out, [...]

Best Gaming Headset Under $100

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Along with high-speed and lag-free internet, and an excellent gaming router, nothing else will make the gaming experience more realistic than immersion into the sounds of the game. It gives you that eerie feeling when your character enters a haunted mansion, or pumps you up when attacking your enemy’s base. [...]

Best Projector Under $200

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A very accurate fun fact about projectors is that they come in every price point. Consumers love options, but an overload of options is just as awful as there not being enough options. An easier way to walk through the clutter is to match the prices with relevant specifications. This [...]