You must be on the search for the best bubbler pipe if you’ve found this article. Well, you’re in the right place. Bubbler pipes are great for smoking on-the-go. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker attracted to the health benefits of a waterpipe or just a curious novice building a collection, our goal is to provide you with some useful information and nudge you in the right direction.

Don’t get ripped off – there are many relatively inexpensive bubblers out there that are high quality and would be a great start (or addition!) to any smoking accessory collection. In our experience, smoke shops typically hike prices – in some cases we’ve seen the same bubbler pipe in retail being sold for 50% or more expensive as found online.

4 custom made glass bubblers


1. Our Favorite: The Puff Labs Perculator

If you’re a seasoned smoker of dry herb, you more than likely have heard about Puff Labs and their smoking accessories. Puff Labs is known for its top of the line, hand-blown glass pipes. Puff Labs has designed a number of great products all of which effectively incorporate aesthetic style without sacrificing on functionality or maintainability. Puff Labs places importance on detail and this is especially true with the Perculator.

This bubbler pipe comes in a clear/blue design which is beautiful. The minimalist design is quite durable and seems to do rather well with accidental tumbles and falls from a short distance. Keep in mind, while this hand-blown glass is noticeably thicker than you’d find in some other bubbler pipes, we’d like to emphasize that all glass pipes can break under the right circumstances. Carrying the pipe in your pocket or travel bag would not be a problem with this bubbler. The Perculator measured out at just under 7 inches, though there is minor variation from bubbler to bubbler. At this size, concealment is not a problem. Regardless of the type of herb you choose to smoke, the Puff Labs is eye-catching yet discrete, fits comfortably in your hand during use, and is durable enough for the typical user.

Who is this for?

Anyone looking for a high-quality glass bubbler pipe that is easily concealable without the worry of causing damage should absolutely check this one out. Better yet – this pipe is rather inexpensive. Something like this found in a smoke shop would surely go for 2 or three times what you can find it for on Amazon.

Some More Info

The moderately-thick glass design is perfect for heavy and light users who may or may not be carrying their new piece around. Despite the small size, this glass bubbler does a great job countering the harshness of smoke inhalation. It hits smooth and pulling takes very little effort. The bowl itself is moderately sized allowing for nicely packed bowls. The hole is small enough to prevent debris from being pulled in unintentionally while still allowing substantial airflow. Cleanup is simple – simply run tap water through the mouthpiece and you’re all set. If you need your glass pipe in pristine condition, pour some rubbing alcohol in, cover the holes and shake for 30 to 60 seconds, and then rinse with water.

2. Runner-Up: Gsmile Black

This glass bubbler might be more expensive than the Puff Labs Perculator above, but it more than makes up for the price with is unique, flawless design. This all glass bubbler is made in the USA. It measures in at roughly 7 inches. The piece is bigger than it looks because of the number of chambers. What keeps the Gsmile Black from taking first place is the fact that it takes a little bit of patience to figure out how to get the perfect amount of water within both chambers.

It should also probably be best left at home – what it lacks in portability it makes up for in functionality once you figure it out. With a little bit of patience, this bubbler can produce some massive, smooth rips. It drags well, and is a fun piece to add to a collection. Cleaning out each chamber can be a bit of a hassle. Overall, this is one of our favorite smoking devices – it is good for both single use and for a group of friends. It really does also look like a piece of art.

Glass Bubbler Buying Guide

Do you agree that smoking is a richer experience when glass bubblers reveal your character and creativity as you smoke? And, while revealing who you are, the filtered smoke that passes through the glass pipe assures you of a healthy and contemplative experience?

Pipe smoking, as traditionally associated with the cultured gentlemen and grandfathers, is becoming popular among the younger generation. The younger generation who grew up in the digital age no longer view pipe smoking as an embarrassment.

Add to the popularity of glass bubblers its unique design and technology that gives you a pleasurable experience as the smoke produces color changes in the glass bubbler.

But, you may ask, is a glass bubbler the right choice for your smoking tool?

The Appeal to Owning a Glass Bubbler

There are numerous reasons why a person may smoke tobacco, marijuana (if located in a region where medicinal or recreational use is permitted) or other smokable herb. Early use of smoking tobacco or herb was for rituals, medicine, holy incense, food, and relaxation. And, the different materials used as smoking tools, like wood pipes and clay, provided a distinct taste to the smoking experience.

The search for additional taste, the cultivation of a wider variety of herbs, medicinal marijuana, and tobacco, and the introduction of blown glass paved the way for the astonishing preference of smokers for glass pipes. Compared to wood and clay pipes, a glass bubbler removes the competing flavors, allowing the distinct flavor of the tobacco, marijuana, or other herb, to come out.

The appeal of a glass bubbler to tobacco or medicinal marijuana smokers is due to the equipment’s many noteworthy features:

Its UniquenessDistinctive PatternsChanging Colors With UseGreater Than the Sum of Its Parts
Glass bubblers are made by artisans and are hand blown. You can assure yourself that the glass pipe you own has no duplicate. By using glass lathes, artisans can create larger glass bubblers, giving you a choice in size.
Through advanced technology, the artisans can create and layer intricate patterns in the clear glass. The resulting mix of colors and patterns etched into the glass pipe make the glass bubbler an interesting and a beautiful piece of smoking tool.
The change in colors of glass bubblers provides the smoker a different smoking experience with each use. The artisans manipulate the silver, gold, cobalt and other metal vapors that give a slight tint to the glass. The effect is like water droplets on a cold glass, which, when viewed from different angles or lighting reflects different colors.
The malleability of the glass gives it the ability for a custom-made design. Your choice of a glass pipe with the elaborate design, the choice of color patterns, and how you use it reveal much of who you are. As a work of art, it gives you pride in owning a piece or a collection of glass bubblers.

Choosing the Best Glass Pipe to Suit Your Preference

Many tobacco smokers view glass bubblers as among the most innovative smoking equipment available. The reason for this view is due to the glass bubblers fusing the best elements of hand pipes and tobacco bongs. The innovation resulted to a bubbler that is handheld, portable, and easy to transport, making the bubbler ideal for smokers on the go. Glass bubblers are convenient in design and structure:

  • The use of water as a cooling agent for smoke that eliminates the harsh feeling in your throat and lungs
  • The percolation system which filters and diffuse the smoke, giving you a healthier smoking experience
  • Built-in bowls to place dry herbs and carb to control the air flow

Types of Glass Bubblers

Glass bubblers come in many different types distinguished by their shape.

ChillumSpoonsSteamrollersSherlock PipesWater Bubblers
These are hand pipes that are small and made of simple glass tubes. Chillums have the most basic shape and design among all glass bubblers. Smokers pack the tobacco material at the end of the equipment, burn it, and inhale. The tool looks simple in operation, but the drawback is the lack of carburetor. The absence of the carburetor makes the clearing of smoke slow. And, the equipment allows for the application of small amounts of herb blends.
This equipment is an improvement on the Chillums with the addition of a carburetor. The equipment comes with a hole in the stem which allows the smoker to control the inflow of air. The addition of carburetor provides a fresher smoke for smokers.
This smoking tool has a bowl on the side of the equipment and openings at each end used as a carburetor. You will find a chamber between the bowl and the mouthpiece which enhances the cooling effect of the smoke. This smoking tool enjoys a reputation for hard hits. Steamrollers, however, are not advisable for neophyte smokers.
This smoking tool got its name from the famous literary figure, Sherlock Holmes. This type possesses a bowl with a flat bottom, a graceful stem, and a carburetor. The bottom is flat by intention to allow the tool to rest when not held. Some Sherlock pipes do not possess a carburetor which makes smoking a bit harsh due to the presence of tars and resins.
This type of smoking pipe eliminates the harsh taste found in Sherlock Pipes. The water in the bubbler produces smoke-infused bubbles, which in turn, increases filtration. The result of the process is a cooler and smoother smoking experience.

Pros and Cons of Glass Bubblers

While there are other makes of smoking equipment, like clay, metal, and wood, most ardent pipe smokers opt for glass bubblers which they consider as the best option. If you are a beginner to pipe smoking, knowing the pros and the cons of glass bubbles will help you decide on the equipment that best meets your preference and requirement.


  • Ideal for beginners. By choosing the appropriate glass bubbler, the bubbles produced as you inhale softens the harshness of the smoke.  Controlled shallow breaths for short periods facilitate adapting to the experience of pipe smoking for a beginner.
  • Convenience and ease of use. The size of the glass bubblers makes it easy to transport. The glass material prevents heating up which is convenient for handheld pipes.
  • Transparency. The movement of the smoke as it fills the chamber adds interest to the smoking experience. You can also enjoy watching the changing of colors as the smoke touches the metal vapors inside the glass.
  • Develops character through regular use. Glass pipe smokers agree glass bubblers get more interesting with regular use.  Constant use of the smoking tool makes the glass smokier, altering the colors which provide the character smokers are looking for in a glass pipe.
  • The pure taste produced. Glass pipes have the ability to isolate the tobacco or herb flavor and produce a pure smoking experience.


  • Breaks easily. Because of its glass construction, glass bubblers are prone to breakage if mishandled. The artisans found a way to counter this weakness through the process of annealing to make it durable. Still, care is necessary in handling glass bubblers.
  • Expensive. The intricate process and the fact that the glass is mostly hand blown makes this glass pipe expensive. If your budget is tight, you may opt for a metal pipe. But, if the budget is not a problem, investing in a glass bubbler may provide a richer smoking experience.
  • No replacement. There is no replacing a broken glass bubbler.  A glass bubbler is one solid piece of glass and once broken, you may need to buy a new one.

Tips for a Richer Smoking Experience

A stale smoke in a glass pipe spoils your smoking experience. You will know a stale smoke when you see yellow or brown color in the chamber. Stale smoke tastes harsh and feels hard on your throat and lungs.

To prevent spoiling your smoking experience with glass bubblers, you may choose to entertain the following tips:

  • Glass pipe cleaning. Clean your glass bubbler regularly. If you fail to clean your bubbler, tars and resins accumulate and will affect the taste of the smoke. When these elements accumulate, the deposits bar the air flow through the pipe. Without cleaning, the glass bubbler loses its beauty and becomes less hygienic.
  • Boiling the glass bubbler. Boiling, when done the right way, does not damage the glass pipe. Boiling removes the resin not accessible with a brush. When boiling, take care not to drop the glass pipe as the thermal shock may damage the equipment.
  • Using Alcohol. This method of cleaning is easier for you. Soak the glass pipe in 91% alcohol or higher and add salt. The alcohol removes the resin and the salt provides the abrasion necessary to loosen the resin. It is advisable to always soak the glass pipe or soak it overnight when not in use.

Smoking pipes were once the domain of the genteel and the elegant. Modern technology made it possible to spread its use to a larger population, particularly the younger generation. Glass bubblers have the unique advantage of being crafted by artisans which prevent duplication of design.

Glass bubblers are artistic pieces that are both beautiful and expressive. Therefore, when you choose a specific glass bubbler, you are expressing who you are and enjoying each smoking experience.

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